Anna: Out To LunchMature

Megan and I set off from my flat at about half past eleven, later than we had anticipated because of … ahem, a wardrobe malfunction, I couldn’t decide what to wear and I ended up having a mini fashion show in my bedroom so that Megan could see what she had to choose from and what she liked and disliked.  It turned out that Megan preferred my clothes on the floor rather than on me.

“Well I think I would be arrested for being indecent in public if I went out naked.” I said looping my arm through Megan’s as we walked up the high street. I had eventually decided on some high waisted blue jeans and a black top which didn’t cover my shoulders.

“I wouldn’t mind…” Megan said with a giggle, “I would be really turned on by your lack of attire Anna.”

“Well of course you would be, you have to be, you’re my girlfriend but I don’t want to get arrested, or have some old pervert getting a boner.”

“Anna!” Megan exclaimed with a shocked little giggle, mainly because as I finished the sentence an old couple had just walked pasted and had given me a dirty look.

“Oh shit….” I said giggling as we turned up a side street and spotted the studio on the left hand side and up a flight of stairs. We ran up the stairs as it had started raining and knocked on the door. After several moments Myra opened the door to let us in.

“Wipe your feet on the matt first please.” She instructed, “Cara is slobbing on the sofa in the next room .”

“I heard that!” Cara called and we all laughed as we entered the room to see Cara in the most beautiful dress, it looked like a wedding dress. It was cream with a corset back and a large skirt.

“Wow Cara, you look beautiful!” I gasped, rushing over to take a closer look at the dress, “I can see why you picked Cara, Myra.”


“This dress emphasises all her curves, and plus your sales will go through the roof!”

“And why is that?” Cara asked.

“Like I said on the phone. Sam will buy all of them!”

“Anna!” Cara grumbled but joined in with the jokes.  

“Hey Myra can I have a look at the photos?” I asked, as Myra picked up her camera and was about to put it safely in her camera case.

“Erm…sure,” she said pressing buttons so that the display was showing the pictures she had taken that morning of Cara.

“Wow, these are excellent Myra!” I admired as she flicked through the pictures of my best friend in the dress, “Hey Cara, you should scan a few photos of you to Sam whilst she is away and then she will have something to admire and it will be like you are there with her!”

“Nah, she will see them when she gets back and in the meantime I’ll just skype her.”

“She will definitely see themwhen she gets back; I mean she will have bought every copy!” I replied and everyone laughed again.

At that moment there was a knock at the door again before it was burst open and there was calls of “Its only me” issuing from the hall outside. Lexi came bounding into the room in suitable biker attire, twirling her keys on her fingers she said looking at Cara, “Sorry, I’m late, but I didn’t get my wedding invite.”

“What wedding invi…. Oh” Cara said realising that she was still wearing her dress which looked a lot like a wedding dress.

“Haha, I’m kidding Cara, but seriously, Sam is smitten with you and you two must have discussed marriage?”

“No, not really.” She said blushing.

“Anyway, changing the subject away from weddings, Cara, why don’t you get out of that dress and into your clothes so we can go for lunch?” I suggested, wanting to get the subject as far away from weddings as possible. It wasn’t that I was against it, I quite liked Sam but something niggled in the pit of my stomach and I wasn’t sure what.

“Okay…” Cara agreed, heading out of the room to go and get changed.  

“Don’t keep her away too long Anna; I need her back in that dress as soon as possible.”

“We will try and not keep her away from her public for too long Myra…” I said as Cara came out in her casual clothes and a bag slung over her shoulder.

“You might need your umbrella to protect your hair Cara…. Its pouring down outside” Myra said, frowning at the sky outside, in which the heavens had just decided to open.

“Don’t worry, your precious model will be fine Myra, we will bring her back in the same state as when she left, she can use my umbrella and Megan and I will come back looking like drowned rats,” I said with a smile.

“Its okay Anna, I have an umbrella, so you and Megan can stay dry too under yours!” Cara said, “Come on, lets go for lunch!”

“Yeah lets, I’m ravenous, I could eat a whale!” I said.

“Yeah but you eat like a whale anyway so that wont be hard!” Cara joked.

“It’s a good thing I know when you’re joking Cara…” I said as we left the flat and descended the steps outside, putting up our umbrellas, “I could be really hurt by your statement otherwise!” I said, nudging her.

“You love me really…” she said smiling.

“Nahhh, you’re imagining things, I don’t love you…. I only hang around with you because you make me look popular!” I joked.

“Yeah well, you had a car so that’s the only reason I hung out with you back at home, I don’t know why I am still hanging around with you now,” she retorted playfully, before looping her arm in mine.

“What you both going to get for lunch then?” Megan asked as we reached the high street.

“Something light.” Cara said, “I don’t want to be bloated now do I!”

The End

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