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My phone buzzed and I saw Myra frown.

"Sorry. I put it on silent. It's just got quite a loud vibrate... thingy."

"It's fine. Get it, I was about to make some tea anyway. Want some?"

"Please." I hurried across to my phone as fast as I could in the dress I was wearing and picked up. "Hello?"

"Hey, it's Anna. How'd you do?"

"Do? What are you talking about?"

"Your results! Don't tell me you forgot?"

I slapped my hand  to my forehead.

"I completely had! I'd better check them now. What did you get?"

"Overall I think it's a first."

"Wow! Anna that's amazing. No one gets that in first year. Shame it doesn't count huh?"

"Yeah. So you still ok with us coming later?"

"Yeah. I texted you the address right?"

"Yeah. We'll be there around twelve."


"How's the painting going anyway?"

"I don't know. She won't let me look at it. But I think it's going well. You should see her work; it's amazing! No wonder Sam sells it."

"I bet she buys all the ones of you."

"Shush. She will not, she'd have no where to put it."

"I'm sure there are plenty of houses owned by her family. She can spread them about."

"Anna! Shush." I blushed. "I have to go. But I'll see you later."

"Ok, see you later. Can't wait to see this painting."

"Me neither. Laters taters."

I hung up and turned back to the settee where I had been lying for the duration of the morning. Getting my phone out and going to the uni website I scanned for my results. I knew some of my marks from my earlier essays, and I'd been getting steady 2:1's, with the occasional 2:2. I glanced through; I'd got two firsts! I was so happy. So overall it looked like I'd got a 2:1. It was no first like Anna, but I was happy with that. It didn't count, but at least I knew I was on the right track and might manage to get up to a first over all. I grinned and sent Anna and Sam a text each to tell them my results.

"You can only drink this if there's something covering the dress. It's on loan, I don't need it messing." Myra said, true to her direct form.

"Ok. The dressing gown alright?"


I slipped on the dressing gown and took the cup of tea from her hand.

"Thank you. So, how's it going?"

"Good. You'd be surprised at the amount of people I get in here who just can't sit still."

"Well I'm glad I've got laziness down for you." I grinned and sipped the tea. It wasn't as good as Sam's, but it was pretty good. "So how long have you been painting?"

"Well, I started seriously when I was in university. Sam spotted some of my work in first year and started talking to me about it. That was how we met. She introduced me to Lexi."

"Have you been going out that long?"

"No. We didn't really like each other till second year. Both of us were too different."

"So what changed?"

"She mellowed, stopped being so against the world, and I stopped being a hermit."

"A hermit?"

"Yeah. If I wasn't at classes I was in my room, painting or reading. I never went out. And Lexi always did."

"Oh right."

"Yeah. Anyway, back to it. You finished?"


"Well hurry up. We've not got long till your friends get here."

"Ok ok." I drank the tea as quickly as possible considering it was scalding. And then I took off the dressing gown and lay back down on the sofa. The dress I was wearing was gorgeous, cream, with a beautiful gigantic skirt on it. It had a corset type top, and it was incredible. It reminded me of a wedding dress. I had remarked that to Myra when I'd seen it and she'd grinned.

"Don't tell me you and Sam have been thinking about marriage?"

"Well it'll be legal next year." I'd joked. "No we haven't talked about it. It's too early I think."

"Well if it had been the Sam I'd known years ago I'd have said she'd have waited years. But with you..." She'd left it hanging and I could blame my stillness for the last two hours on thinking about it.

"If you keep biting your lip I'm going to have to redo your face."

"Oops." I said, releasing my lip. "Sorry."

"Thinking about Sam?" She smirked.

"Maybe." I blushed.



"I'm just wary. She got hurt a lot, especially at uni and I don't want to see that happen again."

"I wouldn't hurt her."

"Not on purpose."

"What happened at uni?"

"She hasn't told you?"

"She's told me about a few of her relationships. But she skated over the uni ones. She said they weren't important."

"She doesn't like to talk about them. Especially Kelly."


"Yes. But it's for her to tell you."

"Oh no please... tell me."

"I shouldn't."

"Please. I want to know why she won't talk about it."

"Fine. She had a couple of girlfriends who would just go out with her because she had money and they wanted to party. But Kelly... Kelly really fucked her up. She didn't have another girlfriend in uni after that one."

"What happened?"

"Kelly made her think that they'd be together forever. She had everything under control. Treated Sam like a princess. She'd always been the one who did that but Kelly changed that. And Sam started to be vulnerable with her. Then she finds out that Kelly had been... well Kelly was in a relationship with some guy. She'd been... filming her and Sam... having sex."

I gaped at her. No wonder Sam didn't like photos or videos taken of her. And no wonder she had trouble opening up. I could not believe that Sam had been subjected to such a horrible humiliation.

"That's... awful. What happened?"

"Well, the money came in handy then. The lawyer her mum had took Kelly down. She actually went to prison for it. Not for long enough I think. She lost her place at uni too. But it was Sam that had the worst. She got really shaken by it. The video went round everyone before a court order removed it from as many people as they could. She wouldn't go out for ages, and she wouldn't date. It took her years to get to how she is now."

"I can't believe it. I wouldn't have thought... that's awful."

"She's never been out with a blonde since either."

"Kelly was blonde?"

"Yeah. Bleached."

"I can't believe someone would do that. I mean, to completely humiliate and exploit someone like that...? Why would anyone do that?"

"Because she was an evil bitch."

"I just... I can't imagine Sam being taken advantage of. She's so strong."

"She's built herself up. She's lucky to have such a strong resolve. And so much support."

I nodded and settled back on to the  sofa. I couldn't picture it; Sam being used. I loved her more than ever; to fight back from that and become who she is...

The End

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