Anna: Exam Results DayMature

My chill out day with Cara had been just like old times; we had watched films and had a giggle without a care in the world. I had successfully taken Cara’s mind of Sam for the majority of the time or more specifically, during the time when I had confiscated her phone. It seemed as though all the business between us had been put to bed and we were getting back to normal, I felt happy for the first time in ages, I had a girlfriend who loved me and who I adored, I was getting along with Sam, and Cara and I seemed to be back to normal.

Life was great, or at least it was until 7am the next morning when Megan phoned me, reminding me that it was results day and the results would be up at eight, and in doing so pulling me into a frenzied panic.

“Can you come over? We can check them together” I asked, panicking, thought after thought running through my head. What if I had failed and couldn’t resit? What if they chucked me out? What if…

“Calm down Anna, I’m on my way. I’m worried too.”

“You’ll be fine, you’re really smart” I comforted.

“So are you. You shouldn’t be fretting Anna,”

“Yeah but what if….”

“No what ifs, you’ll drive yourself mad. I’ll be over in five minutes, stick the kettle on.” Megan said, hanging up the phone.

I put my mobile on the beside table and grabbed my laptop from the floor by my bed, switching it on. Then I ran over to the kitchen and flicked the switch on the kettle before grabbing two mugs. The door buzzed just as the kettle finished boiling and I ran over and buzzed her in before finishing off making the tea.

“Hey,” Megan said as she entered the flat, I gave her a weak smile and pressed a hot mug of tea into her hands.

“Hey, you will be fine!” Megan said, pulling me into a hug and kissing my forehead, “I have a feeling that I have screwed up on one of my modules and it will have pulled me down.”

“I bet you have done better then you think, come on lets log on and have a look instead of going on what ifs, “ I said going over to my bed, sitting down on it and logging onto my laptop.

“You check yours first” I said passing her the laptop, yours is more important.”

“Yours is important too!” Megan protested.

“Megan, my first year doesn’t even count towards my final degree.”

“Okay, I’ll check first,” she agreed, clicking on the internet and logging onto the university e-portal.  She hesitated for a moment before pressing the view results button and then sighed a sigh of relief and excitement.

“Congratulations, you have successfully passed Criminology BSc with a first class honours. Please refer to the notes below for information regarding your graduation!”

“Oh my god!” I screamed, pulling her in for a kiss, “I knew you could do it!”

“I can’t believe I have got a first degree with honours in criminology!” I said, almost crying with happiness.  “Now you check yours!”

I nodded, clicking off Megan’s results and logging onto my own profile. I pressed the view results button and peered down at the marks that I had achieved on my various modules.

“Well?” Megan prompted.

“Well, I had five modules this year, and in three of them I have got marks over seventy and in the other two I got sixty six and sixty eight so overall I think that’s a first I think. Oh and look, at the bottom it says, ‘you have successfully passed and may proceed to the next level of your programme.’”

“Anna, that is brilliant!” Megan squealed, pulling me close to her and pressing her lips firmly against mine. I responded to her kiss, pressing hard against her lips. We fell backwards, so we were both lying on the bed, kissing each other passionately, Megan running her fingers through my hair whilst I caressed her face. She smelt so nice, I inhaled the vanilla perfume that she was wearing and felt utterly content.

“Let’s get back into bed?” Megan suggested.

I nodded and slipped under the covers with Megan, tugging at the buttons on her blouse whilst our bodies were entangled. I unbuttoned her blouse and she tugged off my pyjama top. At that moment, nothing but Megan mattered to me as I gazed up at her beauty.

“I love you” I breathed, pulling her onto me and kissing her passionately.  She began to trail kisses down my body, my heart was thumping hard against my chest, my brain screaming its delight telling, yes, yes, YES this was right, she was right.


I rang my parents to tell them the good news, and they were just as thrilled as I was, telling me that they would by me a new laptop as a reward – my old laptop was about six years old and was now beginning to show its age.

“Thanks. Listen I have got to go, Gotta ring Cara and see how she did but I will see you soon. I really want you to meet Megan.

“Okay sweetheart. Take Care and I hope Cara did well.”

“Thanks Mum. Bye”

I hung up the phone at the same time as Megan got off the phone with her parents.

“My parents were chuffed, promised me a new laptop” I said grinning.

“Yeah my parents were really happy that I have got a first. They also cant wait to meet you at some point.

“That’s nice, well maybe we should throw you a party to celebrate you passing with a first. We can rent a big hall in town and invite out parents and our friends?” I suggested.

“You don’t have to Anna.”

“But I want to.”

“Only if you’re sure though, I don’t want you going over the top though.”

“I promise. It will be a small, controlled party …. With vodka jelly shots.” I said and Megan scowled but then grinned.

“I’ll just ring Cara and see how she’s done…. Wont be long, as we are meeting up with her later anyway.

The End

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