Anna: Eating OutMature

We sailed through the fourth and fifth harry potter film, with me occasionally telling Cara off for checking her phone too often – I swear it was like a nervous twitch- and in the end, as she was reaching towards the table to check it what must have been the dozenth time, I leapt forward and snatched it from the table and pushed it into my bra and out of her reach.

“Hey, I was going to check the time!” she protested,

“No you weren’t, you were checking to see if she has texted you again, and besides I can tell you the time, its quarter to six.” I said checking my watch.

“Okay, but can I have my phone back?”

“Nope” I said giggling.

“Seriously Anna, not funny” she grumbled folding her arms and frowning.

“Woah, just because you’re on, doesn’t mean you have to act like that, you will get you’re phone back when I feel you aren’t going to check it ever two minutes.”

“It’s like being back in school!”

“Careful or I will put you in detention,” I threatened jokingly and Cara threw a cushion in my face.

 “I feel lost without my phone…” Cara grumbled.

“Tough,” I said sticking out my tongue at her and then focussing back on the film. It was about halfway through the sixth film now, at the bit where a young Dumbledore sets fire to Tom Riddle’s wardrobe. “The books are better…” I muttered, “especially the book for this film…. They have made this film very pubescent.”

“How do you mean?” Cara asked, “I quite like this one.”

“Nah, the third is my favourite, especially with the knight bus when the head says, ‘hey guys, why the long faces’ but this one seems to focus more on teen romance and there is no fighting in this one. Plus they have missed stuff from the book out!”

“Yeah but they do that with all films, otherwise they will be about ten hours long, so they can’t include everything.”

“I know but, JK Rowling had a bit more say in the last one, making sure they got it just right… I just wish she’d done that with all the others too.”

“I suppose…” Cara said, her eyes back on the screen.

“Hey, you hungry?”

“Not overly, I ate too much chocolate and feel slightly sick actually. Why?”

“Well it’s getting on and I was just wondering if you wanted to go get an Indian or a Chinese?”

“We could do, hot food would be nice actually,”

“Great, there is a new all you can eat Chinese buffet restaurant opened up in town called The Golden Bamboo, that does the tastiest food according to the reviews, and it’s reasonably priced!”

“A reasonably priced Chinese all you can eat restaurant, if I spend less than fifteen pound then I will put my bra in the freezer” Cara said sceptically.

“Oh, I’ll hold you to that Missy,” I said with a smirk.

“We’ll see, we’ll see, now come on dear …. Let’s get your coat” I said grinning at her.

“Watch it!” she said and we both laughed.


I was expecting a new Chinese restaurant to be bursting with people, however when Cara and I arrived, there was only about six or seven other people dining. Their plates were piled high with lots of tasty looking Chinese food and a large bowl of rice and another large bowl of prawn crackers were placed in the middle of each of the tables.

A waiter showed Cara and I to a table for two in the corner and promptly asked us if we wanted any drinks.

“A J2O for me please,” I said with a smile before helping myself to a prawn cracker.

“A coke for me,” Cara said following suit and getting a prawn cracker.

We both then spooned some of rice from the bowl in the middle onto our plates and hurried up with our plates to get some food.

“Oh, I think I will have some sweet and sour pork and some chicken,” I said licking my lips hungrily. I peered over at Cara’s plate to see a collection of food including a pile of dried green twig like things.

“What in gods name is that?” I said pointing at it in disgust.

“Its seaweed. Well technically its fried cabbage but they just call it seaweed”

“Urghh, I didn’t know that was even edible!”

“It’s nice” she said placing her plate on the table, grabbing a bit of seaweed from her plate and eating it. “Try some” she said offering me a handful.

“It looks vile but okay.” I said taking the seaweed and placing it on my plate; I took a deep breath and put some seaweed into my mouth. It was very salty but crispy at the same time, and I was unable to really decide whether or not I liked it based on one mouthful so I took another taste.

“It’s ….. Actually alright,”

“I knew you would like it. You should never judge a book by its cover or in this case a food by its appearance.”

“Yeah well, it didn’t look very appealing.”


We managed to eat several more platefuls and some fruit coated in chocolate from the chocolate fountain before we decided that if we ate anymore we wouldn’t be able to walk. We headed up to the counter to pay and true to the reviews, The Golden Bamboo was very reasonably priced, only charging Cara and I eleven pound fifty each.

“Come on, let’s go back to mine and finish the Harry Potter marathons, we only have Deathly Hallows part one and two left to watch.”

“Yeah sounds like a plan to me. Chirst Anna, I’m stuffed, why did I eat so much!”

“You must have been hungry.”

“Yeah I was!”

We walked along in silence for a little while and then I remembered a couple of things, firstly that I still had Cara’s phone in my bra. I reached inside my bra and pulled out her mobile,

“You can have this back now if you want?”

“I completely forgot you had that!” Cara said taking her mobile back and as predicted, checking it.


 “There is a text but you won’t want me to read it out loud, it’s a bit ‘pass me the bucket’ for you’re liking,” she said smiling.

“Fair enough. Oh and by the way, you said if you didn’t spend more than fifteen pound this evening, you  would put your bra in the freezer.” I said cheekily, nudging her slightly.

A look a pure shock came over Cara’s face as she remembered, “Oh shit!”

The End

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