Anna: Messing AboutMature

I was glad that Cara was happy for me and Megan and that we didn’t have to keep it a secret anymore. I leapt into the pile of people who were tickling Cara and went straight for Cara’s feet, I yanked off her shoes, hearing her scream and kick out as I did so. Liam had grabbed her leg tight so that she couldn’t tug it away so I began my attack on her foot, gently running my fingers along her toes and hearing her scream and laugh her disapproval.

“Alright, I think we have proved out point….” Liam said, clambering off and I followed suit, allowing Cara to set about putting her shoes back on.

“You guys are evil!” she mumbled with a smile, a smile which suggested that she could be plotting some form of revenge. “Who attacked my feet?” she asked and I automatically smirked which gave the game away immediately. “Should have known …. However revenge will be sweet!”

“Why do I suddenly get a feeling of immense dread when you say that?” I asked.

“Because you know I will get you back…”

“Hmmm, yeah, I know you too well, so you will have to be creative with your revenge otherwise I will see it coming.” I said laughing.

“Oh don’t worry, I will!”

At that point Sam came over, and draped herself around Cara’s shoulders, nibbling her ear affectionately and whispering something to her which I didn’t catch.

“Thought, I’d save my little housewife from torture, she needs to be fit for service,” Sam joked and I laughed.

“I am sure that Cara is no damsel in distress mind…” I said to Sam, who just smiled before saying,

“Depends on the situation she is in …. She has been in some rather, lets say vulnerable ones if you get me.” She said and Cara blushed violently.  Cara poked Sam in the ribs before kissing her and muttering that she would get her back.

My conversation with Cara and Sam was at that moment interrupted by Grays five year old son Michael who had ran over waving a large stick that he had picked up and shouting random spells from Harry Potter. He pointed his ‘wand’ at me and shouted in his cute little voice,

“Petrificus Totalus,”

I smiled, knowing what spell he had used and played along by falling flat on my back and lying perfectly still.

Hearing the shouts of her son, his mother, Melisa turned her attention away from her conversation and looked over. Spotting the stick in Michael’s hand seemed to annoy her and she shouted,

“Michael, put that dirty stick down, you don’t know where it’s been!”  she marched over and took the stick gingerly away from him as though just by touching it she would get some horrible disease.

“Hold out you hands” she ordered as she pulled open her bag and took out a half empty bottle of hand sanitizer. She squirted some of the liquid into his cupped hands and then told him to rub it in.

“He’s a very active child….” I said with a smile towards Michael who was looking down at the ground where he had dropped his stick, looking downtrodden.

“Yes, he is.” She said simply, watching Michael closely to make sure that he didn’t skimp on the sanitizer and rubbed everything in.

“So… is he the only child?”

“Yes, for now he is” she replied looking disapprovingly over at her husband who was now play fighting with Lexi, and fighting over the last beer. It was the tone of her voice which suggested that whether they had another child depended on whether Gray grew up or not.

 I watched as Gray seemed to win the fight over the last beer and grab it from Lexi’s reach before she could protest before heading in the direction of his son who was still looking down at the stick as though mourning it.

Gray reached Michael and mussed up his hair – much to his wife’s disgust- before saying cheerily,

“What’s up Mikey ma boy” he looked up at his father and then looked down at the stick.

“Oh wow Mikey, it’s a wand!” he said scooping the stick up and then his son, “who shall we curse first Mikey?”

Michael was most definitely Gray’s son.  Melisa was less than happy about this and tutted before showing her disapproval by folding her arms and scowling at her husband.

“Oh, lighten up Mel” Gray called back whilst making sound effects as Michael waved the stick around, “It’s a party, give him some leash.”

The End

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