Anna: Surprise BBQMature

I didn’t hear from Cara for a day or two after our little chat, I knew she was making the most of the time she had left with Sam before she went away, so in between work I spent some time with Megan. She and I had really connected, especially since we had started dating, she made me feel all warm inside and I knew that when I was in her company that nothing could go wrong. She was mu very own version of Cara only better.

I never dreamed that I would get over Cara and that things would go back to how they used to be, so I was amazed to see things taking a turn in that direction. I found myself thinking romantic thoughts about Megan then I did about Cara, and hoping that if things continued, I would get back to the way things were with Cara, without an awkward air lingering around like a bad smell.

The day before Sam was due to go; I was lying in bed having a lazy morning when my phone rings. I reached over to my bedside table and squinting at the phone, Cara’s number flashing up on the screen.

“Hey Cara, what’s up?” I said, my voice slightly dry as I had not long woken up from a very relaxing dream where I was in a large garden, surrounded by giant flowers and butterfly’s and peaceful music was playing in the background.

“Nothings up, its just, I’m organising a surprise BBQ this afternoon for Sam as she is going away and I was just ringing to invite you.”

“Yeah sounds awesome!” I said, glancing towards my window and seeing bright sunlight gleaming though the cracks in my curtains.

“I’ve invited the band, Ali, Kate from the hospital and a few of Sam’s friends, who’s numbers I found in her address book. Do you fancy inviting Megan?”

“Yeah, I’ll send her a text.” I said smiling, my heart lurching a tad at the very mention of her name.

“Do you need any help with getting the things?” I offered.

“Well if you want, you, Megan and Ali could all meet me at the supermarket in half an hour and help me get the gear and the booze?” she suggested.

“Yeah, it looks like a hot day so alcohol is vital, especially at a BBQ. See you soon, I’ll text the others and get them to come down. By the way, how are you keeping Sam oblivious to this little get together?” I asked curiously.

“She’s working until half two, stacks of…” she coughed before continuing, “…. Stacks of paperwork for her to do” she said, the cough indicating that she was hiding something.”

“Stacks of paperwork eh?” I questioned.

“Yeah, the woman who normally deals with it…. I rang her earlier and told her about the BBQ, and told her to ‘take the day off and pretend to be ill’ as I knew that Sam would have to do all the paperwork then. Andrea is coming to the BBQ later so we can tell Sam then.”

“Sly fox you are Cara Gramms,” I giggled.

“I know, but it was the only way to make sure that Sam was kept occupied.”

“I’m sure you do enough to keep her ‘occupied’” I giggled.

“Don’t you just know it…. See you in half an hour.”

“Yeah you will!”


Cara and Ali was waiting outside, when I arrived with Megan in tow, she had already grabbed a large trolley from outside the supermarket and was waiting to go inside.

“What took you?” Cara asked.

“Sorry, get held up, come on lets go inside, they have got air con inside, it’s too hot out here!” I moaned, pulling off my cardigan and shoving it unceremoniously into my bag.

“Perfect weather for a BBQ though” Ali said as we entered the shop and headed towards the chilled isle to get burgers, sausages and various other BBQ essentials.

“Cheesy buns are delicious!” Ali said picking up some buns which were topped with cheese and showing us all hopefully,”

“Yeah, but they don’t go with BBQ food, we need the seeded burger buns Ali.” Cara pointed out, placing the correct buns in the trolley and watching as Ali, put her cheesy buns back, looking distinctly like a child who had just been told they couldn’t have something. (Something which was half true actually.)

Of course, no BBQ would be complete without a shitload of alcohol, and between the three of us, we managed to fill at least a quarter of the trolley with bottles of Cider, Beer, Lager and cocktails.

“I have a feeling that the amount of alcohol will be too much, we will be drinking alcohol at every meal if no-one drinks it!” Cara said laughing, as we loaded all the shopping onto the belt at checkouts.

“Oh don’t worry Cara, the alcohol will be the first thing to go, I can promise you that!” I said.

“Yeah the boys will probably drink a vast amount,” Ali said with a small giggle.

As we unloaded the last few items onto the belt, I pulled out my purse from my bag and whipped out a ten pound note, after a few seconds both Megan and Ali had done the same.

“Oh noooo guys, I’m not expecting you to pay towards the BBQ, it’s for everyone!” Cara said, pushing the notes away.

“No, I want to help!” I insisted, handing my ten pound note to the cashier before Cara could argue. Ali and Megan did likewise, meaning that Cara only had to pay about fifty pound instead of eighty.

“Honestly guys, you lot are persistent buggers, you didn’t have to pay anything you know!”

“We know, we wanted to!” I said smiling.


It took about an hour to set everything up, Cara had asked Jak if they could set up the BBQ in his back yard and since it was pretty spacious he said that was cool as long as he got unlimited access to the alcohol.  By about two fifteen, guests had started arriving and the only person missing was Sam.

Cara texted her, saying that she was at Jaks and she needed to come over, let herself through the house and into the back yard. I figured that Sam would be confused by this text but of course wouldn’t question it and just come – which she did.

She jumped back in surprise when she walked into the back yard to find all her friends and co-workers there with alcohol in their hands and grinning widely at her and shouting “Surprise Party!”

“Cara, did you do this?” she asked.

“Couldn’t let you leave for two weeks without a leaving do now could I?” she asked pulling her in for a kiss.

“Get a room!” Jak shouted playfully.

“You shouldn’t have gone to all this trouble Cara, you didn’t have to,” Sam said reprimanding Cara but smiling all the same.  I sloped off and plonked myself in a chair next to Megan who was half way though a burger in a cheese topped bun. Ali had sulked when Cara said that they weren’t the type we needed and had eventually surrendered and bought a pack just to stop Ali sulking.

“You know, burgers in cheese topped buns are okay actually,” she commented, making conversation.

“I bet they are…” I said smiling at her, “but are you saving some tomato sauce for later?” I asked.


“You have got some ketchup round your mouth” I said laughing.

“Oh, oops” she said laughing and reaching for a napkin to dab on her mouth, but before she had even reached so far as to grab one, I grabbed her clothing and pulled her close to me, planting a kiss on her lips and wiping away the tomato ketchup.

“Yum” I remarked as I pulled away, “I never knew you could taste so nice.”

“Nor did I” said Megan, pulling me in for another kiss, this kiss was a more passionate, loving kiss as caught the attention of the crowd of people nearby and we noticed that the chatter around us had stopped and everyone was looking at Megan and I.

I cleared my throat and stood up, ”yeah, umm…. In case that kiss wasn’t obvious enough, Megan and I have begun a relationship ….” I said thinking that I would rather tell everyone and then be outwardly affectionate to Megan instead of keeping it a secret.

I spotted Sam and Cara amongst the crowd watching us and saw them raise a drink, smiling happily at us.

“To Anna and Megan, a long and happy relationship” Sam said smiling a genuine smile, a relieved smile.

“To Anna and Megan, a long and happy relationship” everyone chanted and both Megan and I blushed.

“Thank You everyone but I think the real toast should be to Cara and Sam,” I said raising my drink to them, “To Cara and Sam!”

Everyone copied, and Jak being Jak added an extra bit at the end which I was sure he added just to make them both flush. On the end of the toast he had added “….And their bag of ice.” Which had succeeded in making both Sam and Cara blush but laugh at the same time.

I sat back down but after about five minutes Cara had made her way through the crowd and had sat down in the seat next to me.

“I knew there was something different about you! I just knew it,”

I blushed.

“I am mega happy for you Anna, you and Megan are just the cutest couple and suit each other, so go on, I need all the juicy goss. How long!?”

“Not that long really, a couple of weeks maybe. We got together the night when we all went for curry.”

“Oh My God, as if I didn’t spot it!”

“No-one was meant to yet, we were seeing how it went before letting anyone know.” I said. “I bet you’re glad though?” I remarked.


“Well now, Sam won’t have to be worrying all the time that I am going to whisk you away,”

“No Anna,” she said grabbing my hands, “we are both thrilled you have found someone who is right for you. We knew that you had moved on, Sam wasn’t worried at all.”

“Cara, I’m not thick.”

“I know you’re not Anna.”

“Then you will pardon me for saying that Sam was a tad paranoid about me, she didn’t like how close we were with each other and it scared her didn’t it?”

“Oh alright, I did a little bit, but I told her that there was no way that anything would happen between you and me.”

“And she was content with that?”

“Well no, but she is happy now that you have found someone special, now can we please get something to eat…. I am so hungry I could eat a baby giraffe!”

The End

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