Cara: Making the Last Days CountMature

I crept in to the bedroom, half hoping Sam would be asleep. But she was up in bed, reading, and as I walked through the door she put the book down and looked seriously at me.

"How was your walk?"

"Fine. I went to see Anna."

She froze momentarily and then shook her new frown off.

"How is she?"

"Alright. Thinks the sun shines from your arse."

She smiled in spite of herself.

"Well, you can't deny the truth." I rolled my eyes and pulled off my top to get ready for bed. "Cara, are you still mad? Because I love you, but I love my job too. I can't just give it up..."

"I know." I stood, hands on hips and chewed my lip. "I'm just bummed that you're going away for so long."

"So am I."

"I know. But you have something to do... I'm just... here."

"Well, why don't you go home for a bit? Students normally do in the summer..."

"Yeah well... I don't really want to go home."

"Why not?"

"As soon as I go back it'll be 'do this, do that' and I really don't feel up to it at the moment."

"As apposed to me ordering you around?" She winked.

"You don't order me around. I do everything here quite happily."

"I know and you're an angel for it."

I smiled, relenting on the whole situation.

"Ok, so I'll just stay and find that job I wanted."



"Yes. Can I kiss you now?"

"That depends." I grinned.

"On what?"

"On where you're going to kiss me." She smirked and pulled the covers off, shuffling to the end of the bed and throwing her legs over to sit on the side.

"Come here."

I bit my lip and took a step towards her, grinning. She reached out a hand and hooked it in to the waistband of my jeans, pulling me suddenly closer. She kissed my stomach, grinning up at me as her tongue dipped in to my navel. I stilled, grinning, running my hands through her hair to hold the sides of her head. I leaned down and kissed her lips, pulling her up to me.

"Thought I was...the one... in control." She murmured jokingly between kisses.

"Not tonight hot shot."

"Mmmm... Somehow I don't  think I'm going to mind."

I chuckled and kissed her again, pulling up the edge of her pj top and then stepping back to pull it all the way up.

"Lift up your arms." I ordered, grinning.

"No." She answered, the corners of her lips curving in to an amused smile, her eyes sparkling with mischief.

"Lift them." I grinned, taking them and trying to get her to put them up.

"No." She stuck her tongue out. I raised my eye brow, grinning in mock indignation.

"Oh really?" I pushed her back on to the bed, her mouth opening in to a surprised little 'o' of amused surprise. Then, slowly, I unbuttoned my jeans and slid them tauntingly down my legs, stepping out of them and kicking them away. She sat up on her elbows and watched, grinning, as I unhooked my bra and dangled that from my fingers in front of her before throwing that over to the side as well.

"Oh baby." She moaned as I straddled her.

"Now let me take your top off." I quietened her, reaching again for the top. This time she let me, putting her arms up so I could pull the top up and off her. I grinned down at her breasts and her lips, and her eyes...

"Now what baby?" She asked, leaning forward and grazing my nipples with her teeth.

"Now..." I lost my train of thought as she played with my breasts. "Now... fuuuck..." I moaned.

"As you wish." She grinned.


"So if you're only here for two more days, does that mean you have to work those days as well or..." I asked, sipping the tea she had brought me. The sunlight was streaming through our blinds and I was propped up in bed, naked but covered by a blanket, as she lay beside me.

"Or what?" She smiled, one finger tracing patterns on the skin of my hip, part of which was visible under the scanty cover.

"Or could we have those days just together?"

"Doing what?" She asked, her finger moving lower, along my upper thigh, revealing more of me as the blanket began to fall away.

"I don't know... going for runs together, shopping, kissing..."

"Fucking?" She grinned, propping her head up on her arm so that the blanket fell from her breasts.

"Making love." I grinned, reaching across and tweaking her nipple before putting down my tea.

"You  want me to close up shop for two days so we can fool around?"

"Not close up, just let your employees handle it."

"I need to get them up to date on the orders that are coming in while I'm away."

"Mmmm, all work and no play..." I grinned, sliding down so I was lying next to her, my face level with hers.

"I do not know how you can say that after last night." She replied, trailing her fingers over my hips and waist.

"Mmm, it was good wasn't it?"

"Always is with you baby."

"You've never called me that before last night."

"What? Baby?"


"Huh, guess I haven't. I've never really called anyone that. I always call them by their names."

"Call? As in present tense?" I arched my eyebrow.

"Until last night." She grinned, reaching forward to kiss me. "And no, I do not mean that I've had opportunity to call anyone else baby since we got together."

"Just checking." I grinned. "So you're going to work today?"


"How long till you have to leave?"

"An hour."

"Plenty of time." I grinned, heading under the covers. 


"I have to go now." She whispered in to my hair. We had both showered together and now we lay on the bed, arms around each other, talking.

"Mmm, wouldn't want the boss to get annoyed."

"I hear she's quite the fire cracker." She grinned.

"I hear she keeps a girl locked in her house  as a sex slave."

"I hear that girl is gorgeous. My boss probably just wants to make sure no one else steals her away."

"Would you steal her away?"

"In a heartbeat."

"And what about me?" I pretended to be outraged.

"It is you. It's only ever been you." She muttered, kissing me again. We rolled over until she was on top of me. "I really have to go."

"No you don't." I groaned, kissing her.

"If I stay we'll never get off this bed."

"Sounds like heaven to me."

"Me too. But I need to work."

I sighed and gave her another kiss.

"Go. If you get a break, sneak back up."

"Not sure the boss would like it if she found out I was fucking her girl on her time."

"The girl doesn't mind."

"I'm sure." She stole another kiss. "Ok, I really have to go."

"One more kiss." She rolled her eyes and kissed me again. And again.

"Ok. Now I have to go." She pulled herself away and sighed, looking down at me. "God I am so lucky."

"Fuck off." I grinned. "Go to your job. Wouldn't want the boss to spank you."

"I think she's saving that for her sex slave."

I blushed and grinned; she chuckled and blew me a kiss as she left. I heard the door open, shut and lock, and then she was gone.

And suddenly I realised that I really  needed the toilet.

The End

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