Anna: PJ DayMature

The dream was still on my mind the next morning, bugging me and nagging at every single thought that I had. I had dozed off for an extra twenty minutes when I had woken up that morning but was then stirred from my slumber by Ali texting me asking if I was going to watch band practice.

I didn’t really feel in the mood to be sociable with anyone aside Megan, especially after the dream so quickly replied telling her that I was spending the day with Megan.

“Your not still fretting about that dream are you?” Megan asked as I overflowed my porridge with excess milk, whilst staring distractedly out of the window.

“Sorry what?” I asked, not paying attention.

“You are fretting over nothing you know Anna, it was just a crazy messed up dream because of all the agro recently and the pent up anger between you and Sam. It means nothing Anna, I promise you!” Megan said pulling me into a hug and kissing my forehead.

“Yeah I know, its just hard to let it go….. Its hard to get my friendship back to the way it was with Cara before…..” I confessed, sighing heavily.

“I hear you Anna,” she said affectionately holding me close, “I tell you what, lets get some Ben and Jerry’s Phish food ice cream from the shop downstairs, and have a day of watching movies. How does that take your fancy?” Megan asked smiling at me with an understanding look on her face. I nodded, thinking that maybe a day in the flat was really what I needed right now.

“I’ll go get the ice cream!” I said getting to my feet and heading to the door.

“What? You’re going like that?” Megan asked bemused.

“Well its only downstairs and its like a million degrees out there and my pyjamas are nice and cool,” I smiled, heading down the stairs in my bare feet. I reached the shop and went inside to cool air and about four fans working at full blast to keep the shop cool. I padded over to the freezer and pulled out two tubs of Ben and Jerry’s and put them on the counter.

Mrs Blenkinsopp smiled as she saw me and tapped the price of two ice cream tubs into her till, she didn’t question why I was in my pyjamas in her shop and simply asked if I was okay. I contemplated lying and telling her that everything was great but the dream was still firmly of my mind.

Instead I told her about the dream and how it had put thoughts into my head that I shouldn’t be thinking and how I was still struggling to move forward. How I felt as though I was a record stuck on repeat, replaying the happiest part of my life over and over again, wishing that it would come back. Then I would think of Megan and how this must be affecting her, knowing that her new girlfriend still has feeling for her best friend, feelings she can’t quite shake.

After going over all the things that seemed to be going wrong in my life and getting some advice from Mrs Blenkinsopp I plodded back upstairs to the flat with the semi melted ice creams in my hands so find Megan setting up the DVD player with a chick flick.

“You were a while?”

“Yeah got talking to Mrs Blenkinsopp …”

“Yeah, guessed as much, have you been crying?”  she asked

“No….” I lied, “Hay fever” I said, trying to explain why my eyes looked red, but she didn’t look convinced.

“Come on, let’s sit on the sofa and watch this film and eat this ice cream before it fully melts!” she said half dragging me to the sofa.


After about three films where the main character falls in love with the most obvious person and the weirdo is vanquished, and a whole tub of phish food I felt quite relaxed. A pj day seemed to have done the trick, as I hadn’t thought once about the dream or worried about it, Megan seemed to have found the quick fix to my problems. Despite me knowing that it wouldn’t permanently solve them. It worked for now.

It somewhat reminded me of a plaster put on a child’s cut knee, the plaster would instantly make the child feel better even though underneath the plaster, the wound was still there and I had a feeling that the wounds that I was suffering from would take a while to heal. But Megan seemed to be my giant plaster. Something which I appreciated very much.

The End

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