Cara: Band Practice with PizzaMature

"I can't let go, you've captured my heart..."

"You're a soppy shit Cara." Liam teased and I threw a cushion at him.

"Well you come up with some better lyrics then."

"Sorry, love songs come from being in love. You and Jak should collaborate, you're the only ones in relationships here."

"Nah mate, I'm no good at writing. Besides, we're taking it slow and I'm pretty sure that writing love songs is way to serious, right babe?" He grinned at Ali who nudged him and then snuggled against him happily.

"I can't think at the moment." I moaned.

"I'm hungry!" Jak joined in the moaning.

"Wasn't your wife supposed to be coming with pizza?" Liam asked me, grinning as he sipped from a beer. I checked my phone for the time; almost six.

"She should be here soon. The shop shuts at five, so she probably changed before getting pizza."

"Huh, probably? Don't you two track each others movements or something?" Callum joked.

"Shut up. What's brought all this lot on?"

"Come on, we've always teased you about Sam."

"Yeah well knock it off."

"Someone's in a mood." Jak muttered.

"I'm just sick of people ragging on my girlfriend."

"We're not ragging on your girlfriend..."

"Oh for god's sake, can we just drop it." I frowned, annoyed. "Besides, I'm not hungry."

"Makes a change."

"Shut up!" I threw another pillow at Liam who threw it back heartily. I couldn't stay mad at them though, and soon we were all working on the song again.

"Pizza!" Sam called from upstairs. Jak leapt up and ran the few stairs out of the room.

"Wow. Guess he's hungry." Ali chuckled. Jak reappeared seconds later with two boxes, one of which was open.

"How much do we owe you Sam?" He called over his shoulder.

"It's on me." Sam replied, appearing. I grinned and waved her over to me.

"Nah we can pay." Jak said.


"No Sam we're not letting you pay." Liam said, getting out his wallet.

"Fine. Works out at about a fiver each." She gave up, flopping down next to me and kissing my forehead.

"Here's mine." I passed her a fiver.

"Cara you don't-"

"Sam if you start this again I'll kick your ass."

"Ooh, thought Sam was the dominant one in your relationship."

"Ali, I'll kick your ass too." I grinned. "Besides, I just let her think she's the one in charge." I gave Sam a kiss and hooked my arm through hers.

"I see. So I'm not in charge?" Sam grinned. "Why are you my housewife then?"

"Hmph, well..."

"No reply. Excellent. Now get some pizza down you."

I took a slice and bit in to it.

"Thought you weren't hungry?" Jak mumbled through a mouthful of pizza.

"The smell made me hungry." I lied. "Ali, you kiss that boy? Ugh." I stuck my tongue out.

"Only when he isn't acting like an animal." She replied, raising an eyebrow at him until he started to take smaller bites.

"Sorry." He muttered.

"Guess we know who is in charge of that one."

"Shut up." Jak groaned embarrassed.

"So, how's rehearsal going?" Sam asked, taking a bite of pizza.

"Great. Except that we're struggling to make a song that's not too soppy, or too sexy."

"What's wrong with either of them?"

"The guys won't be part of anything soppy. And I won't sing 'my girl's tongue does wonderful things to me."

"Let me guess... Jak?" Sam smirked as Jak choked out laughter through his mouth full of pizza.

"Bulls eye." Liam laughed.

"It was a legitimate suggestion!" Jak cried, still laughing.

"Sure it was."

"What, you guys just use toys or something? No tongues allowed?" He teased.

"No toys. Neither of us need them." Sam winked, making Jak choke again. The others laughed.

"You've never used toys?" Jak asked incredulously when he finally stopped choking.

"Never." I replied.

"Wow. That changes my fantasies."

"Surely they all involve Ali?" I pushed as she elbowed him hard.

"Ow! Yes, of course they do. But sometimes people make guest appearances."

I rolled my eyes and snuggled closer in to Sam.

"Sex dreams weird me out if they're about anything other than your partner. Or you know, someone you have a crush on when you're single." I grinned.

"I had a dream about you after I'd met you." Sam whispered in to my ear, making all my muscles tighten with pleasure.

"I'll give you something to dream about later." I whispered back, kissing her earlobe gently.

She smiled at me but I felt like there was something wrong. Her smile didn't quite beam like it usually did. I decided to wait until the end of rehearsal to ask her what was wrong. It probably wasn't something she wanted to discuss in front of everyone.

"Alright so where were we?" Liam said, grabbing the sheet of paper we'd been attempting to write on. "Ok guys this is shocking."

"I know." I groaned, putting down my slice of pizza. "I can't concentrate on it. Can we just practice some of the ones we already have?"

"Sure. Might inspire us." Liam shrugged. "Can we eat first?"

I rolled my eyes and sat back down from where I had jumped up.


Liam chuckled but gave me a 'what's up with you today' look. I pretended not to have seen and took up the slice of pizza again. I still wasn't hungry, but I knew I had to eat. After two slices of pizza I stopped and took a glug of beer.

"Can we practice now?" I asked.

"Cara, I know you love this band, but I've never seen you so eager."

"I have." Sam said quickly, earning a couple of cheers and a round of raucous laughter. I frowned and elbowed her but she was too busy laughing to notice.

"Not funny."

"Oh it was." Jak said. "I've been waiting for Sam to get that comfortable with us. There's no going back now!"

Sam grinned at him and they clinked their beers together.

"I didn't realise you two were so similar. Ali I think we may have a problem." I mused.

"Don't worry. If they start acting too similar we'll just get together and leave them to it." She joked.

"Not a bad plan." I laughed. Sam stuck her tongue out and took my hand.

"Sorry Ali. This one's mine."

I smiled and leaned against her.

"See this is the kind of soppy shit that we don't want." Callum put in, making us all laugh again.

"Speaking of soppy shits, where's Anna? Doesn't she normally come sit in on these?" Jak said.

"Leave her alone." Sam said.

"I texted her." Ali said. "She told me she had plans with Megan."

"You reckon those two are...?" Callum wiggled his eyebrows suggestively.

"Megan and Anna?" I asked. "You think?"

"You're the best friend. You tell us."

I thought back over the time we had all spent together recently. Megan did look at Anna with something... but I had thought that was just because she was more comfortable with her than us.

"Maybe. I don't know. She hasn't told me if they are."

"Oooh secrets..." Liam laughed. "Isn't that how this whole year of madness started?"

I grimaced.


"Sorry. Wasn't thinking." He apologised.

"Nah, we're all over it now. We've had a nice girls weekend, there's nothing wrong anymore."

"Thank goodness." Sam muttered smiling, stroking my arm.

"Alright, I've finished my pizza." Liam said. "Let's get to it."

We all got up and approached the instrument set up. Jak had even got a mike set up for me in his basement. It was pretty cool, and I liked being here. It felt creative.

"One, two, one two three four!"

The End

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