Anna: One Weird DreamMature

We walked through the pitch black, arms looped and a feeling of contentedness rolled over me for the first time in month, it had been the first time in months that I hadn’t been almost mourning the failure of my relationship with Cara and trying to win her back and focussing on the present, focussing on me. How I hadn’t seen how perfect Megan was for me before now was a mystery but now I had her, I’d be damned if I ever let her go. I wasn’t going to fall head over heals immediately of course, but in time as we grew closer it would hopefully become inevitable.

I clasped her hand as we walked, the cool night breeze was causing us both to shiver slightly and pull our jackets closer around our shoulders. Neither of us spoke, not wanting to break the silence but instead listening to the sound of the crickets in the background and several owls hooting noisily.

The silence was only broken when we reached the front door to my flat and Megan cleared her throat, “Well, I better get….”

“You could stay…” I interrupted, “I mean I have a fold out couch bed in the flat which I can make up for you and it means I’m not fretting about you walking home in the dark,” I justified quickly giving Megan a sheepish smile.

Megan stooped in and gave me a soft peck on the cheek before nodding and staying that she would love to crash on the fold out bed. I grinned at her and unlocked the door.

We headed up the stairs and upon entering the flat I flung my bags in a corner of the room, deciding that I would unpack later.

“Do you want, um, a hot chocolate or a tea?” I asked nervously, trying not to be all over her like a rash and risk frightening her off. Too my surprise, Megan took me by my hands and led me to the couch and sat me down.

“I want you to be you firstly. I can see what you are trying to do. Your brain is addled by a million different thoughts about how to deal with the situation, whether to jump right in with both feet or play it slow and steady because of past experiences. Just be yourself.” She said gently, kissing my forehead and pulling me into an affectionate hug.

“I’m sorry,” I said, “I’m just frightened that it will all crumble down.” I admitted, pulling out of the hug and staring into her beautiful brown eyes.

“Oh sweetheart, you have no need to be scared, I am not going anywhere so you don’t need to act any differently.”

“What did I do to deserve you?” I asked her giving her a small kiss,

“You were yourself, and that’s all you ever need to be,” she said nuzzling close.

I hugged her back softly and then pulled away, telling her that I would get the blankets and a couple of pillows for the couch bed for her. She smiled and let go of me.


Megan’s soft snoring could be heard from my bed a few metres away and I listened to it almost like it was a melodic tune playing from my I-pod. It soothed me and was beginning to calm me down for moments previously I had woken with a start, cold sweat pouring down my face after a truly bizarre and frightening dream had awoken me.

I had been laid on a bed in a darkened room allowing a woman I had assumed at first to be Megan to trail kisses up my leg, along my breasts and on my lips however when I had looked at the dark haired woman sitting on top of me I had been surprised to see that it was Sam. I craned my neck to see if anyone else was in the room and I spotted Cara standing stark naked right next to the bed. She clambered on and began to kiss Sam’s body whilst Sam kissed me and caressed my breasts with one hand whilst gently giving me orgasms with the other. Cara pushed Sam down onto me whilst trailing ice down the small in her back and causing Sam to playfully bite at my nipples. It was when Sam had suggested using the vibrator that I had awoken with a start, sweat pouring down my face.

I pulled my knees up to my chin and gently rocked back and forth, as though in doing so it would stop me remembering the dream and make me fall back into a dreamless sleep. It didn’t. And that’s when the tears began rolling down my face.

My gentle sobs must have aroused Megan who woke up and on hearing my sobs, rushed over and clambered onto my bed.

“What happened?” she asked concerned, pulling me into a hug.  I explained all about the dream and how it had freaked me out to be dreaming such things and how I didn’t understand at all what it meant.

“Maybe it’s because your still rather conflicted?” Megan suggested, “You want to do the right thing by Cara by being friends with Sam but you still don’t see eye to eye with her so maybe the threesome dream was a way of saying that there is still some conflict there, or stress on the friendship there?”

“Why are you so logical?” I asked seeing her point.

“Its what I do!” she said smiling gently down at me, “Now come on, lay back down and go back to sleep.” She said pushing be back down off my elbows and under the quilt. She knelt on the floor next to my bed stroking my hair gently until I fell into a dreamless sleep from which I didn’t awake until morning to see that Megan must have gone back to sleep on the couch bed after ensuring that I was settled for the rest of the night and there was no worry of me having another nightmare.    

The End

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