Cara: What Else Can We Do?Mature

"Fuuck..." I groaned and wrapped my fingers in Sam's hair, dragging her lips to mine.

"I love you." She whispered against my lips and I grinned giddily.

"I love you too." My heart was pounding against my chest and I was still breathing heavily. 

"You alright?"

"I guess being outside is more exciting."

"I'll keep that in mind." She grinned. "Come on, we'd better get back."

"Oh. I was hoping I could show you how much I love you..." I gave her a cheeky smirk.

"Mmm, such a tease..." She started kissing me again.  I Love It by Icona Pop blared out of my phone. "Ugh, such a mood killer." She chuckled, backing off me.

It was Anna.

"Guessing they want us back." I groaned and then picked up the phone. "Hello?"

"Hey, you coming back?"

"Yeah we're on our way."


I hung up and slipped my phone back in to my pocket.

"Sorry gorgeous, we'd best get back. Unless you want to risk carrying on and them coming to find us?"

"Not on your life."

"My life? Huh, I see. Not your own then?" I teased.

"You'd miss me too much."

"And you wouldn't miss me?"

"I miss you every second you're not with me." She muttered, blushing.

"Awwww...." I teased.

"Shut up." She grabbed me round the waist and span me round.

"Ahhhh! Put me down!"

"Come on, we'd better get going." She put me down and took my hand, and then we walked back through the trees in to the meadow.

"FINALLY!" Ali shrieked and jumped over to us. "I'm bored!"

"So I can see. Shall we go back to the city and get some dinner?"


"We could watch a film?"

"At home or the movies?"

"The movies."

"And then I think Cara and I would like our house back." Sam chuckled.

"Oooooooh!" Ali teased. "What you have one night off and then you're chomping at the bit?"

"How could you not?" She grinned, putting her arm around my shoulders. I laid my head on her chest and smiled contentedly. Then I saw Anna's face. She looked like she'd just rolled her eyes. Hmmm, thought she was over this. Well maybe not completely but I thought at least a little.

"Hey, let's not rub the perfect relationship in everyone's face." Ali said. "Especially since now all we're going to be thinking about tonight is that we know what you're doing together."

"Shut up." I stuck my tongue out at her.

"Yup, I'm pretty sure you'll be doing that too."

"Get her gorgeous." Sam whispered to me. I gave chase after Ali and caught her after about a minute.

"Nooooo!" She screamed as I took her down and began to tickle her.

"Do you surrender?"


I continued to tickle her until she screamed in surrender.

"Mwahaha! You lose!" I laughed and helped her up.

"Cara... have you noticed how Anna's acting different?"

"Since when?"

"Oh since she went looking for you."

"She what...?" I knew then she must have seen us. Sam and I, against the tree. Oops.

"She went looking for you earlier before she called. Why?"

"Oh nothing. Just didn't see her is all. Let's go." I hooked my arm through hers and we returned to the others.

"You two done?" Anna asked, holding out a bag for Ali to take.

"Lighten up Anna! We have to hold on to our youth!" Ali giggled and threw her arm round her to go for the walk back.

"Is that true Cara? Are you holding on to your youth?" Sam asked, taking my hand.

"Well no, I think I do enough of that with you. Exploration, you know." I winked and she laughed, swinging my arm happily.

"Well if that's what you need to be happy I'm only too happy to help."

"I thought you might be."

We all walked back to the car.

"So what movie shall we watch? And where shall we eat?" Ali jumped up and down as we were getting in to the car.

"We could choose when we get there." Sam suggested.

"No way am I letting you do a spontaneous film choice again."

"It worked out pretty well for me the first time."

I smiled at the happy memory of our second date and blew her a kiss as she started the car. We drove the short drive back in to the city and parked near the cinema.

"So basically it's a choice between chick flick or action movie, because we all know that watching a horror won't go well." Megan said.

"I vote action!" Sam said.

"I vote chick flick." Anna said. I pursed my lips. It might have been an innocent comment but I was pretty sure it was in opposition to Sam on purpose.

"Chick flick." Megan said.

"Action." Ali said.

"Seriously? I'm the tie breaker?" I groaned.

"Looks like." Ali said, her eyes flicking from Anna to Sam.

"Well, I go for action then. I've seen the trailer for the chick flick and it looks crappy."

"Ok then." Ali said and looped through my arm. "Come on then. I need the loo, so we'd better hurry up getting the tickets."

She basically pushed me through, leaving Sam, Anna and Megan behind. We bought our tickets and she pulled me to the toilets.

"Jeez Ali, where's the fire?"

"Cara, seriously, those two are out of hand."

"I know Anna chose a different film-"

"-That's not what I mean. I mean that Sam's just as bad."

"Sam didn't-"

"Oh come on. You two are so wrapped up. She keeps putting herself between you and Anna every time we're walking or sitting or standing..."

"Wouldn't you? If it was your girlfriend's ex standing there, still in love with her?"

"Well - yeah I guess - I just worry, you know? I don't want you getting hurt when those two blow up... again."

"Look, I appreciate it Ali, you're a great friend. I just can't deal with any more fall outs and they've said they'll sort it. So until something else big happens I'm leaving them to it."

"Alright. I like Sam by the way. Spending more time with her recently has been good. She's a catch."

"Don't steal her away." I winked.

"I couldn't even if I tried babe. She's so in love with you, she wouldn't even notice."

I blushed deeply and fought the smile that tried to reach my red cheeks.

"She'd notice someone as hot as you."

"Nope. Cara, she only has eyes for you."

"Thank god!" I laughed it off and hooked my arm in hers. "Let's go see some action!"

The End

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