Anna: Seen Too MuchMature

The picnic in the meadow was so filling, after I had eaten as much as I could I lay down in the long grass and let the sun shine down, heating up my body and making me feel at ease. Nothing could spoil this, it had been such a perfect day so far and to be spending it with my friends just made it the best. Cara and Sam were sitting a few metres away, and Cara was seductively eating homous which she was being rather protective of whilst Ali and Megan were running up and down the meadow acting like children and playing tag (of all games!)

I gazed upwards at the blue sky, not thinking about anything in particular other than wishing that life could be this simple all the time. Nothing was ever simple and the precious moments when it was perfect, it was only for a fraction of a second. I felt the grass move and saw Sam and Cara getting to their feet,  Cara’s face seemed slightly redder than normal trying to hide the embarrassment over something that Sam had inevitably said whilst trying to stay calmly that her and Sam were just going for a walk alone to clear their heads. I nodded, not thinking anything as the birds tweeting nearby, the sun shining in the sky and the distant laughs of Ali and Megan in the background made me feel so at ease with the world that it was hard to think otherwise.

They wondered away towards the wooded area nearby and disappeared amongst them, I leaned back on my elbows and watched as Ali ran as fast as she could to get away from Megan who was running after her. Megan was a fast runner, after a few moments she had caught up to Ali, tapped her arm, turned on her heal and ran away. I watched her with interest for a few moments, watching the way she moved and hearing her cute little giggle whenever she put on an extra spurt of speed to get away from Ali. She was lovely.  Her big brown eyes were alight with the same glow of carefree excitement as mine were at that moment in time and in that moment it occurred to me how similar she and Cara were. I felt as though I could talk to Megan without being judged, just like she hadn’t judged me when she had been told all about how much I love Cara, how much I will always love Cara. The part that I was finding the hardest to cope with was the way of loving Cara and moving on at the same time.

Megan and Ali ran towards where I was sitting and collapsed onto the ground next to me, breathing heavily to catch their breath.

“Knackered after that. Who needs a workout at the gym, just get Megan to play tag with you and you will be knackered.” Ali panted, gasping for breath.

“What the matter Ali, not ‘active’ enough,” I teased, grinning at her.

“I’ll have you know that I am very active,” she retorted, realising only too late that she had dropped herself in it.

“You little fibber, in truth and dare you said you and Jak hadn’t done it yet!”

“erm …. Well” Ali said, her face going red.

“Sam and Cara will definitely have something to say about you fibbing,” I said giggling, getting to my feet.

“Don’t you dare!” Ali said screaming so loud it sounded like a dog yelping. She grabbed my arm and pulled me back to the ground. “Seriously Anna, Cara would never let it drop!”

“Right I won’t say a word but I am just going to see where they have got to as they have been ages!”

I got to my feet and headed towards the wooded area that Cara and Sam had disappeared amongst earlier and looked around, hoping to catch sight of them sitting underneath a tree talking or something but nothing. I wandered around hoping to catch sight of them and listening out for the slightest noise.

Heavy breathing reached my ears, I edged slowly to see what it was, peering though a collection of trees to see where the breathing was coming from. Cara was pressed up against a tree trunk opposite, Sam was pressed up against her and both were kissing passionately. Sam’s hands had slipped down the front of Cara’s jeans and Cara was moaning with orgasmic pleasure in between kisses. Cara’s hands meanwhile slid upwards and were cupped tightly around Sam’s breasts, massaging them gently and pulling the top upwards to get a better view.

I didn’t know what to make of what I had just seen; part of me was hurt and was longing for Cara to enjoy the same pleasure with me as she does with Sam. Another part of me wanted to feel happy for Cara, be happy that she was happy and another part just wanted to punch the nearest thing to me. I decided to listen to reason and not let what I had just seen bother me, push it to the back of my mind and forget about it. I backed slowly away, making sure not to make any noise as I walked back to where Ali and Megan were sitting, now playing I spy. They were obviously getting bored.

“I spy something beginning with A,” Megan said as I approached.

“Anna.” Ali said with a bored tone in her voice, “Did you find them, there is only so much you can look at and do in a meadow and I think we have done everything.” Ali whined.

“God, what are you a little kid,” I said to Ali, with a little more anger than I had meant for there to be, “Sorry.”

“Its okay” Ali said.

“I’ll ring Cara and ask her where they have got to and see if they are ready to set of back, I am getting bored of this meadow too.” I said taking out my phone and ringing Cara’s number.

The End

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