Anna: If You Go Down To The Woods Today.....Mature

“Bitches the pair of you, I hate you both!” Ali yelled scrambling out of her sleeping bag where the ice cubes were starting to melt. “That was …. Gahh bastards” Ali cursed whilst Sam and I fell about in fits of uncontrollable giggles.

“Payback for the frozen bra bitch!” I said giggling.

“That wasn’t my fault!”

“It was your app, ergo your fault” I said still laughing at Ali who had shoved on her hoody in an attempt to keep warm.

“That was evil, you two!” she whined half-heartedly, knowing that it was no more evil than getting me to put my bra in the freezer.  Cara and Megan were both in fits of giggles in the kitchen, tears trailing down their face.

“Oh my god, Ali your face, it was so funny” Cara laughed but putting her hands out in a cajoling way so that Ali could get a hug.

“Means we are square now!” I said, sticking my tongue out at Ali who stuck her tongue out at me in response.

“Yeah but I still have to get Sam back. I take it she suggested ice ….. thought you’d want to save it” Ali teased and Cara and Sam both blushed.  “You’ll have to make some more ice now!” she chuckled.

Cara laughed awkwardly, still blushing slightly and then out of nowhere began hopping around clutching her foot, and shouting out in pain.

“What’s up?” I asked concerned.

“I, ouch, got cramp in my foot again, ouch ouch.”

“Here, sit down,” I helped her hop to the kitchen chair and she collapsed onto it, and began kicking her foot out, trying to get rid of the cramp.

“Push onto my hands Cara,” I said sitting in front of her and putting my hands out so she could push into them, I then massaged her foot until I could feel that the tension in her foot had gone. I thought I saw a small flicker of jealousy on Sam’s face but the next time I looked she was grinning at me.

“ahh, that’s better,” Cara breathed putting her foot down on the floor and proceeding to stand up on it gingerly, as if standing up on it too quickly was likely to send it back into cramp.

“You have been cramping in your foot a lot recently Cara,” Sam said concerned.

“I told you, its because I don’t warm up properly when I dance, and …… Sam the food on the cooker, watch it, its going to burn” Cara shouted, and Sam rushed over to tend to it. After she had turned off the cooker and saved the food from being charcoaled and was dishing it out onto plates Sam turned to look at Cara with a cheeky smile;

“I thought my little housewife was meant to cook,” she said and Cara threw a tea towel at her which landed on her head.


I only had a small portion of the breakfast that Sam had cooked for everyone as my stomach still felt strange but I covered for this fact by trying to act as though I had eaten more pizza last night than I actually had. I reckoned that Cara saw through this and guessed that I wasn’t feeling at my best but had sense to realise that I didn’t want a fuss. It was a bright sunny day outside and after the washing up had been done and we were all fully awake, (Ali had gotten Sam back by offering her a cup of coffee and putting salt in instead of sugar) I suggested that we all went for a walk in the woods nearby.

“Sounds like a great idea,”

“Yeah, brilliant plan …. So long as we don’t loose Sam and Cara amongst the trees …. I mean its like we are setting them free into the wild so imagine what they will be like if we loose them …. They are at it like rabbits already!”

“Ali!” Cara said incredulously, “Pot, kettle black … you and Anna were at it more time than even the rabbits!” Cara said hands on hips.

“Yeah well ….. that was different…” she said stumbling over her words, trying to find a way to support her argument. “Come on, lets go!”

We all chuckled and made our way out of the flat, shoving our things into the boot of Sam's car before clambering in and driving the two miles out of town , down a small track before parking the car just on the edge of the woods.

The sunlight which managed to seep through the dense canopy of leaves from the trees made the woods look darker than we had originally anticipated however there was a distinct path which if followed would lead to a large enclosed public field, which dog owners usually let their dogs off in to run around in. If we were brave enough to venture beyond this field and through a dense patch of trees on the opposite side, we would reach vast meadows which stretched as far as the eyes could see. We all knew that these meadows were there, however the walk to reach the meadows, we were told usually took about two hours there and another two back.

“So where are we heading to then guys?” I asked as we made are way into the woods, all looking around to see if we could spot any wildlife as we went. “There are the meadows, if we walk for long enough?” I suggested to the group who contemplated this for a while before nodding.

“Yeah sounds like a good idea, since it’s a warm day,” Sam agreed grinning broadly, “And I think on the way there are some good trees that would be excellent to climb.”

I spotted Cara out the corner of my eye rolling her eyes in Sam direction before saying loudly, “How old are you Sam? Twelve,”

“Twelve only at heart,” she smiled.

“Good thing its only at heart ….” She said cheekily.

“Someone pass me a bucket, I think these two are going to get all mushy,” I shouted making everyone including Sam and Cara laugh. “You know what we didn’t bring guys…” I said, pulling the conversation away from Sam’s mental age and real age.

“What?” Sam asked.

“A picnic. But I suppose the bears will eat it.”

“Bears?” Megan and Ali asked perplexed.

“You know… If you go down to the woods today….” I sang.

The End

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