Anna: OverthinkingMature

Perplexed I looked at Ali and Megan, trying to work out why Sam had lied to get some fresh air.

“What happened?” I asked.

“I don’t know to be quite honest Anna, Sam’s face seemed to drain of all its colour and she muttered something about getting more beer. I knew she was lying of course but I didn’t want to try and stop her. She seemed upset.”

“Upset why?” I asked.

“I think it might have been to do with the fact that you and Cara were messing around with your frozen bra…. Where is it by the way?” Megan asked.

“I’m wearing it, and it isn’t half cold!” I said, “The ice is making my nipples hard!” I said trying to shift the bra so that I found a bit where the ice had melted. “But why would that upset Sam?” I wondered aloud.

“Jealously?” Megan suggested.

“Nah, Sam doesn’t seem the sort to be a jealous controlling girlfriend does she?”

“Who knows” said Ali as the fire door clicked open again and Cara and Sam re-emerged from outside where it had obviously started raining as their clothes looked to be a tad damp.

“Hey, everything okay?” I asked hurrying over to Cara whose facial expression suggested that she was in need of a hug, but as a reached her she moved away slightly, just enough to reject my hug. Instead she curled into Sam and patted her shoulder.

“Sorry about that guys…. I just needed some fresh air after that horror film. How about we have some luxury hot chocolates with marshmallows, cream and sprinkles and chat for a while before sleep?”  Sam suggested, with a false smile that I am sure only I could see through only because I had used the same false smile myself.

“Sounds good!” everyone chirped.

“Do you need any help Sam?” I asked with a smile, with the intention of smoothing things over if I had caused friction.

“No thank you,” she replied coldly before turning into the kitchen with Cara in tow.

Feeling slightly deflated and awkward after the cold response from Sam I slumped into an armchair and stared at the wall, vaguely listening to the conversation between Ali and Megan about what are good traits to have in a partner.

“I think a good partner should be honest with each other…” Megan was saying, “Honest but not serious all the time. Good sex life needed!” she said and they both laughed. “What do you think Anna?”

“hmm yeah” I replied half heartedly, my mind was focussed on Sam’s cold response towards me. Perhaps she was jealous of me and Cara, jealous of how close a friends we are. Whatever it was, it put a barrier up stopping me and Cara getting back to how we were as the moment we get close the jealously will shine through.

It wasn’t until Cara and Sam came back into the room carrying mugs of hot chocolate that I focussed on what was going on around me. My mind was working overtime, trying to work out what Sam’s problem was, I felt hurt that it would be down to her that Cara and I will never get back to how we were.

“Here you go,” Cara said handing me my hot chocolate, “Enjoy!”

“Thanks.” I muttered taking the mug and taking a sip and getting cream round my mouth.

“Saving some cream for later Anna?” Megan said with a laugh, “Or got something to tell us?”

“Oh yeah Megan, been getting lots of action!” I said laughing and licking the cream, “Keep the cream cumming” I said, and everyone including Sam laughed at my bad joke.

“Hows the bra?” Ali asked, sticking her tongue out and laughing.

“Oh very erotic….. almost as good as Cara and Sam trailing ice cubes down each other,” I said laughing and embarrassing Cara who leapt forward and playfully poked me.  Sam’s glare however was enough, Cara stopped her playful attack and move back towards Sam and snuggled up next to her, I took a sip of my hot chocolate and tried to hide the fact that this annoyed and upset me.

“Right, I think I am ready to sleep now.” Sam said getting to her feet and stretching, she was about to turn on her heel and head towards the bedroom with Cara in tow when Ali stopped them.

“Woah woah woah, you two can’t sleep in your bed tonight…. Get your sleeping bags and sleep in here with us. There will be no hanky panky tonight” she proclaimed hands on hips.

“Hanky panky,” Cara teased, “Where you from? The eighties?” she asked with a giggle.

“You know what I mean, We can’t have you two having fun whilst we are sleeping on your floor, I don’t know about Anna or Megan but I don’t want to be hearing you two moaning at half one in the morning!”

“If you remember Ali, its Cara who is the screamer,” Sam said with a grin, “… but fine, we will stay in here, we will just have sex in the sleeping bag instead.”

When Sam said it I almost choked on my hot chocolate, my eyes watering as I coughed I sputtered, You will not. I want to keep my food down!”

“What food Anna? You hardly touched the pizza” Cara noted.

“Yeah well, what I did eat I want to keep down thank you!”

Sam disappeared into the bedroom and returned five minutes later with a double sized sleeping bag for her and Cara which she set down on the extendable sofa and unrolled. “If we can’t have the bed, we are having the sofa then!” She said with authority, placing pillows at the top of the couch.

“Whilst your all setting up your sleeping bags, I’m just going to pop to the bathroom and get into my pyjamas and if you want I can wash those mugs up since my sleeping bag is all ready unrolled?”

The End

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