Anna: One, Two, Freddy's Coming For You...Mature

We all rushed over to the shelf abundant with all kinds of DVDs, from Disney films to horrors. I spotted the box set of Nightmare on Elm Street on the top shelf and pulled it down to eye level.

“Hey how about these?”  I suggested with a grin, waving the box set in my hand at the others.

“Oh yeah, I have heard those are good but I have never watched them before!” Ali said nodding.

“I haven’t seen them either,” Cara said, “But I warn you guys, I am a screamer when it comes to horrors.”

“I thought you were a screamer anyway” Ali said sticking her tongue out and giggling, “Sam would know for sure. Sam….”

“Sorry what?” Sam asked, she clearly hadn’t been listening and had instead been texting or checking facebook or doing something which seemed to warrant all of her attention.

“Is Cara a screamer?” Ali asked with a giggle.

“In what respect?” she asked curiously.

“Just generally” she said pointing at boxset and nodding, trying her hardest to get the joke across to her without saying much more. Cara meanwhile was progressively going redder and redder in the face due to embarrassment and obviously hoping that Sam wouldn’t catch on and embarrass her further.

“Oh yeah. Big screamer” Sam said catching on and winking at Cara who was now hiding her face in a pillow. We all laughed and Cara vowed to get Sam back big time for that by pledging that Sam would be devoid of sex for two weeks, which seemed to amuse Sam more than it worried her.

We dimmed the light and put on the first film. Since I had already watched these films before I knew when a murder was coming up and amused myself by watching the others reactions when they jumped out their skin or gave a little scream. The pizza was slowly being devoured as we watched the film but I felt full after my second slice so didn’t eat any more but slipped my cider cautiously as I still wasn’t sure how my stomach would take to food and alcohol.  I also wasn’t sure about how my cold would take to me wearing a frozen bra!

After a while I realised that Cara always seemed to get jumpy when the rhyme ‘One, Two Freddy’s coming for you’ played and figured it would be a good chance to play a little trick on her. As I was sitting away from the others, it was easy for me to slip behind the couch  which Cara and Sam were now sitting on to watch the film, without being seen. I waited until rhyme was just about to play and as it did so I jumped up from behind the couch and grabbed Cara making her shriek in horror.

Someone paused the film and the lights flickered back into full brightness, it took a moment for everyone to realise what I had done but when they did they all burst into laughter. Following the fright Cara had taken refuge on the beanbag I had been sitting, her arms over her head.

She looked up and saw me standing behind the couch and realising what had happened she leapt to her feet.

“Wow, you were right Sam, you did say she was a screamer!” I laughed as Cara ran towards me and pulled me over the couch onto the floor. She sat onto of me so I couldn’t move and began to hit and tickle me shouting that she would get me back ten fold.

“Ahh, alright I surrender!” I shouted, wriggling to get away from Cara who was tickling under my ribs and who had got Ali tickle my feet.

“And for starters Anna…” Cara said panting as she clambered off me, “You have got to watch the rest of the films with your frozen bra on!” she said grabbing me and almost frog marching me into the kitchen and towards the fridge.

“Noooooo” I screamed in playful protest, “I’m sorry, I won’t do it again!”

“Nope!” Cara said with a wicked grin on her face, opening the freezer part of the fridge and pulling out my bra which had icicles hanging from it.  She placed it in my hands, “Put it on!”

“Do I have to” I protested weakly knowing that I deserved this and that Cara wouldn’t let it drop.

“Yep, and if you don’t, I’ll make you put it on!”

“Well you will have to make me!” I said sticking out my tongue and running away, and hearing Cara running after me.

I ran into a room and Cara followed, shutting the door behind us, locking the door and pocketing the key.

“Nowhere to go now Anna,” Cara said with an evil smile on her face as she ran forward and pinned me down on the bed.

“You know I won’t surrender quietly,”

“Oh I know, but I won’t let your actions go unpunished so you will wear this frozen bra!” she said laughing as she fought to keep my still as well as trying to pull up my top to put on the frozen bra.

The End

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