Cara: A Good EveningMature

"... lick someone elses foot." She giggled and Megan grimaced beside her.

"Ugh, I hate feet." She laughed.

"Come on then Sam, pick your victim!" Ali cheered. Sam chuckled and grabbed my foot. I shrieked and giggled as she pulled off my sock and then licked the instep of my foot, finishing by grazing her teeth along my little toe. Warmth flared inside me and along my cheeks.

"Ooh I get the feeling they've done that before!" Ali giggled. I threw a cushion at her and pulled Sam over to me so I could snuggle in her arms. "Alright, Anna's turn! Truth or dare Anna?"

"Ummm... dare?" She replied tentatively. Ali set her app working and then giggled, showing the phone to Megan, who chuckled.

"Oooh, Anna..." She teased and Ali leaned over to show Sam and I. Sam chuckled and I glanced over at Anna wondering whether to laugh or pity her. "You have to put your bra in the freezer Anna!" Megan finally said.

"What kind of dare is that?" Anna rolled her eyes.

"I think the idea is that when it's frozen you have to put it back on again." Sam chuckled, stroking my arm. All my senses seemed to hone in on every place that skin touched skin... It was like when we'd first begun dating.

"Not sure I want to do that..." Anna smiled.

"Chill out Anna." Megan chuckled. We burst in to laughter at the bad joke and Anna rolled her eyes but agreed to do it. She disappeared in the kitchen and returned moments later, bra gone.

"My advice would be to get as drunk as possible now." I giggled, taking another gulp of beer. "Ali's turn!" I grabbed her phone. "Truth or dare?"

"Oh, I think I'll break the cycle and go for a truth." Ali said, grinning.

"Ok..." I set the app off. "Ooh, good, I've been dying to ask this for ages anyway. Ali, how far have you and Jak got?"

Ali blushed and hid her face in the pillow I'd thrown at her.

"Oo, I think we know the answer!" Anna chuckled.

"No! No, we still haven't actually..."

"Youre kidding?"

"Nope. I mean we've done other stuff, but not quite yet. I mean I've never... not with a guy... so I'm pretty nervous I guess."

"Hey, you'll be alright." Sam said warmly. "It's still skin on skin... as long as you want to be with him then there's nothing to worry about."

"Yeah I guess. Thanks Sam." Ali smiled and I felt glad that everyone was getting along with Sam. It had taken a while but now we were all hanging out together...

"Cara! Your turn!" Sam grinned, tapping Ali's phone. "Truth or dare?"

"Truth." I replied hurriedly. I was not getting a cold bra for anything.

"Ahem..." Sam cleared her throat, embarrassed. "Well I'd say this one will embarass us both. What's the most erotic thing you've ever done with a partner?"

The other girls all ooh-ed and closed in. I blushed and rolled my eyes, turning to face in to Sam a bit more.

"Oh god... um... I'm thinking it's the ice..." I murmured.

"Can't hear you!" The others chorused.

"When we used ice." I called and hid my face.

"Details please!" Ali demanded, laughing with the other girls.

"Ugh." I complained and removed myself from Sam. She was chuckling softly and stroked my hand with her thumb.

"Basically," she replied, saving me from the embarrassment of saying it myself, "you get an icecube and trail it along a person's skin... it can be quite erotic if you do it right."

"Oh yeah? Might try that..." Ali muttered before giggling... "So, Cara, you enjoyed this?"

"Course I did. Now butt out, Megan, your turn!" I tried changing the subject and it worked thank god.

"Ok, Megan, truth or dare?"

"Dare!" She replied.

"Alright then... You have to... make out with a pillow?" Sam chuckled. "This app is so strange."

"Here Megan!" Anna called, throwing a pillow at her. She caught it just in time, before it hit her in the face, and stuck her tongue out at Anna before making out with it.

"Guess we'll be washing that cushion." I muttered to Sam with a giggle.

"We? I thought housewives did the washing by themselves." She teased. I swiped at her with another cushion and laughed when I saw her hair afterwards.

"You've gone all tufty!"

"Oh yeah?" She grinned and started tickling me.

"No!" I shrieked but before I knew it everyone was involved. "Ahhhh! Help! Sam! I'll get you for this!"

"How?" She chuckled, sitting astride me and tickling my sides while two of the others were on my feet.

"Ah!" I shrieked and started gasping for air between chuckles.

"Ok, ok guys, I think she's had enough!" Sam called and climbed off me. I lay breathing heavily on the floor for a minute and then glared round at them all.

"I hate you all."

"Sure you do."

"I'm going to steal your pizza slices." I pretended to glare at Sam.

"I'll get my little housewife to make another." She winked and pulled me over to her.

"No sex for a week." I whispered in her ear as the others chuckled and argued over who would go next.

"Oh honey, I'd believe you if you could resist me. But I think you like me way too much for that." Her teeth grazed my ear lobe and I shuddered happily.

"Like you? I love you." I grinned and kissed her.

"Hey you two, break it up. Sam's turn!" Ali laughed and we began again.


By the time the pizza arrived I was thoroughly famished. I'd had to do three shots and I'd had four beers so a lovely buzz had settled over everything.

"Hi!" I grinned at the pizza man as I opened the door.

"Hey, I've got one margarita and one meat feast, both eighteen inch."

"That's for us! Thank you!" I grinned, taking them from him. "Here!" I passed him the money we'd all put together and he grinned.

"Cheers." He gave me an appreciative once over and I giggled. "See you round maybe." He winked and headed down the stairs. I closed the door and returned to the living room.

"Oooh goody, pizza!" Ali cried and grabbed a box.

"Was there enough money?" Sam asked, taking the other one as I sat down.

"Yup. Plus the pizza guy checked me out." I winked.

"Trying to make me jealous?"

"Is it working?"

"Only if you checked him out too." She smirked. "Anyone would be mad to not check you out. Especially in those shorts."

I elbowed her and grabbed the pizza box, taking out a slice before I placed it in the middle so everyone could have some.

"So what about a movie?" Anna said, picking up a small slice and chewing the end carefully.

"You alright? You're not wolfing it down like usual." I commented.

"It's hot." She replied shrugging. "Movies?"

"Oh yeah... we've got loads. You guys choose." I gestured towards the dvd shelf and they hurried over.

The End

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