Anna: Coming Down With SomethingMature

I didn’t see much of the sunshine after applying for the job in the shop below my flat as Mrs Blenkinsopp had plenty for me to do, I guess she saw me as her mini apprentice and the granddaughter she never had as she was a very lenient boss. It was quite good that my job was just down the stairs from my flat meaning that like university, I could quickly fall out of bed and into work.  I was really enjoying working at the shop as it kept my mind off reality and stopped my mind over thinking which was a good thing, and Mrs Blenkinsopp or Nancy as she had told me on countless occasions to call her was always there if I needed to talk. Part of me thought that Nancy believed that I was doing too much work as she kept asking me if I needed a night off, something I kept politely declining as I found working in the cosy corner shop quite therapeutic.

“Are you okay to work tonight Anna?” Mrs Blenkinsopp asked on the Friday night, “Its just Mr Dixon from down the road asked me if I could like to come for dinner tonight, save me cooking for myself. Will you be alright?”

“Yeah fine” I said automatically not really registering what day it was and that I had said I would go for a girly night at Cara. It was only when Nancy had left for the evening that I realised. Since it was quiet I pulled out my mobile and quickly rang Cara.


“Hi Cara, it’s me”

“Hi Me, what’s up?

“I’ll be running late tonight I’m afraid, Mrs Blenk….. Nancy even asked me if I could work so I won’t get locked up until ten.”

“Well the others aren’t coming until about nine so I’ll hold off on the film and pizzas until you get here then!”

“That’s cool, see you then.” I said quickly before hanging up the phone.


I had been looking forward to the girly night all week despite Cara’s comment about us both changing and I needed to stop hovering over her as much, sticking in my brain. As well as this for the past week I hadn’t been eating very much as I kept feeling sick, (something which I didn’t tell Nancy as I knew she would not let me work otherwise.) I figured that I was coming down with the flu that was going round as I was currently only managing to keep down water and hot blackcurrant juice, so I wasn’t sure how I would manage pizza. As well as going off my food I kept getting cold flushes meaning that customers coming into the shop thought I was weird because I was wearing my jacket and still shivering even though it was hot outside.  I am the master of my own body, whatever this is, IT WILL NOT BEAT ME!


I smiled as the last customer of the night left the shop and I quickly dashed over to the door and flipped the sign to closed allowing me to shut everything down without being disturbed by a customer. I opened the till and took out all the notes, only leaving fifteen pound in the till and storing the rest in a small locked tin underneath the counter. I then grabbed my coat and left the shop, locking it up behind me and posting the key back through the letter box so that Nancy had both keys when she opened up with the spare key in the morning.  I rushed back up to my flat and grabbed the stuff sitting by my front door that I had ready packed for Cara’s, before quickly texting Cara and telling her that I was on my way.


It had been quite a quick walk to Cara’s and it didn’t take me long to arrive at Pieces and knock on the door to be let in, I could hear voices from upstairs and guessed that Ali and Megan had already arrived. I knocked loudly on the door to be heard above that chatter and it was Sam that answered the door to let me in.

“Hey Anna, come in,” she said warmly holding the door wide and allowing me entry.

“If you pass me your jacket I can hang it up for you…”

“If its okay, can I keep it on for a bit,” I said with a smile, she looked perplexed for a while but then relaxed.

“Yeah that’s fine although the heating is on and it can get quite toasty.”

“That’s fine” I said before heading along the hall, towards the living room where everyone seemed to have congregated.

“Anna,” Cara greeted warmly, “How was work?”

“Long,” I replied flopping down on a beanbag by a radiator, “Glad I have finished and can chill!”

“Yeah, plus we were all waiting for you, so we could order Pizza!” Ali chipped in grinning at me. My stomach flipped at the mention of pizza but I managed to keep a straight face, I didn’t want to become the centre of attention with people fussing over me just because it looked as though I was coming down with something.

“Well then, get it ordered!” I said grabbing the menu and chucking it in her direction.

“I have an idea,” Megan said as Ali began to peruse the menu.

“Go on…”

“Instead of getting a pizza for each of us, why don’t we get two eighteen inch pizza’s and share those?” Megan suggested, “It could save us all some money, especially if we all chip in ten pound.”

“That’s a brilliant idea Megan” Sam agreed smiling.

“That’s settled then” Cara said, “…And whilst we wait for the delivery man to come we can pick what film to watch and get into our pyjamas?”

“I didn’t think you or sam had pyjamas other than your birthday suits…”

“Watch it Ali!” Cara said but a grin was spreading over her face.

“Woah ….. Before we go down that avenue I vote that we DON’T get into pyjamas…. We don’t know what to expect from these two,” I said pointing in the direction of Sam and Cara.

 Cara leapt towards me and started playfully hitting me…. Reminding me of old times. I pushed her backwards and sat on top of her and started to tickle her which caused her to kick out and shriek.

“Quick someone tickle her feet!” I called and Sam quickly jumped into action, tickling her feet which of course made her shriek out more. “Anna get off me you heavy lump!” she shouted managing to push me back into the beanbag whilst grinning at me like a lunatic.

“Right….. I think we should order that pizza!”

“Yeah I think we should” I said laughing but knowing that I probably wouldn’t manage to eat a lot…. I didn’t want to let on that I wasn’t feeling 100 percent.

“Hey I have an idea…”

“Oh dear Anna…. Why does that feeling always fill me with dread” Ali said with a laugh.

“Why don’t we play truth or dares whilst we wait for our pizza, I mean the films will wait until later but it could be fun.”

“Yeah, sounds good” Megan agreed.

“Yeah but no lame dares guys…” Sam said.

“By lame dares you mean?” Cara asked looking over her shoulder at Sam.

“You know, like I dare you to shout dick out the window. They need to be …… exiting” she said winking at Cara who rolled her eyes.

“I am sure you have a one track mind Sam!” Cara said laughing, but yeah I agree with what your saying in principle.

“In principle my eye” laughed Ali, “Lets get very drunk and be obscene, I mean its not like it means anything!” she said pulling a box of Bulmers towards her, grabbing bottles and handing them out to everyone.  

I was hesitant in taking a bottle because I didn’t know how my stomach would react to alcohol when I wasn’t feeling too great but I figured that I wouldn’t know unless I tried.

“I’ll go order the pizza then.” Sam said grabbing the phone from its stand and heading into the kitchen.

“I have a truth or dare app on my phone we can use” Ali called, holding her mobile in her hand. “Which setting do we want?”

“What are the options?” Cara and I asked together.

“Normal” she said screwing up her face in disgust, “Sexy” she said with a nod or “Filthy”.

“I think we should go for sexy; however I am saying now if I don’t like the dare I am not doing it!” Cara said.

“Yeah I agree, it’s only fair that we should get the right to refuse!” I said.

“Pizza’s are ordered!” Sam trilled as she came back into the room, “But they will take an hour and a half to two hours as the shop is mega busy tonight what with football on television.

“That’s fine; this should keep us occupied for a while!” Ali said waving her phone in the air.

“Okay then” she set, settling down next to Cara.

“Sam ….” Ali said reading from her phone, “Truth or dare?”

“Dare” she said eagerly.

“You’re dare is to imitate a chicken…” Sam got up to do the dare but Ali burst out laughing.


“No, I’m messing with you Sam…. You’re dare is to……”

The End

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