Cara: I was thinking...Mature

"Hey Sam?" I called as I heard her walk in the door.

"Here." She muttered and I turned away from the cooker to find her leaning on the door frame, looking greedily at me.

"What's that look for?" I smirked, turning back to my pasta sauce.

"I thought about you today."

"You don't every other day?" I teased.

"No I mean, I was in my office, and I could just about hear you moving around upstairs... were you dancing?"

I blushed.


In fact I'd been dancing around, pretending I was on stage at a concert. My earphones had been blasting in to my ears as I pretended to sing and entertain thousands of people. There hadn't been a gig in weeks and I was missing it.

"Well you see I could hear you, and then I started thinking about our holiday in Italy..." I heard the creak of the floor boards as she crossed them and then her arms were round my waist and her lips were on my neck. "And then I started thinking about you in the black dress I love so much, and then at some point I must have dozed off because Kelly woke me up for my three o'clock meeting. But I dreamt about you."

"Are you telling me that you fantasized about your girlfriend at work?"

"Oh yeah. Big time baby." Her teeth grazed my ear and I swiped at her with my oven glove. She caught it and pulled it off my hand.

"Hey I need that!"

"I'd rather these were free." She said, taking my hand and placing one of my fingers in her mouth. She sucked it gently and my insides melted.

"I have to cook..." I protested weakly.

"So cook... you're a woman, you can do two things at once." She swirled her tongue round the tip of my finger and I groaned.

"Sam, behave and let me finish." She pouted and I sighed with a smile, pulling her over to me by the waistband of her trousers. "Ok. But I'll warn you, if this food spoils, it'll be on your head."

"I don't think I'll care after you."

"Mhmm, such high expectations." I chuckled as I kissed her.


"That actually makes my top ten." She winked as we lay on the sofa, naked and full of food.

"I'm glad." I chuckled and put my empty bowl on the table.

"Hey, I meant to ask, have you spoken to Anna since last week?"

I remembered the night that Anna, Ali and Megan came to our place at stupid o'clock.

"A little. She's been working at the shop under her apartment."

"It's good she's got a job."

"Yeah. I should probably get one since we haven't got a gig in ages."

"Well did you put out the ad?" She asked, sitting up a little so I had to rest my head on her stomach and look up at her.

"Yes, Liam put one out, but no one seems to want anything. You'd think with it being summer there'd be loads of things going on..."

"I guess." She frowned. "I could ask around, see if anyone I know needs a band..."

"No you know it's ok. I know everyone is going home to see their parents anyway, and I might as well have a job. I can help out with rent that way."

"You know I don't need help with rent."

"Food then."


"Sam you have to let me do some things, or else I'm going to feel like the housewife."

"I quite like having a housewife." She grinned, stroking my hair. "I come home to food, smiles and sex. Really good sex."

"Shut up." I grinned and hid my face in her stomach. I breathed in her smell for a moment before looking back up. "Seriously Sam, I don't want to be kept. I need to do something."

"Ok, ok. No problem. Find a job." She relented.

"I shall." I grinned and kissed her stomach. "Now, about that really good sex..."

She chuckled as I kissed her again, leaving a trail of little kisses down her stomach, on her upper thighs...


"What? What's wrong?"

"I got cramp!" I yelled, twisting and almost falling off the sofa in the process. My foot was cramping painfully; it felt like it was being crushed.

"I've got it, I've got it." She clambered over me and started to rub my foot out.

"Ow!" I cried again and again until she had massaged it away. "Oh, thank you."

"You've been cramping a lot over the last week." She frowned.

"I think it's because I haven't been dancing for a while. I don't stretch or warm up any more. It must be bad after such a long time..."

"Probably it. Shame though. It's got really bad timing." She laughed and sat back against the table.

I chuckled and threw myself at her.

"At least it keeps you on your toes. I'll start warming up again. See if it helps."

"Yeah, wouldn't want your flexibility to disappear." She wiggled her eyebrows and I rolled my eyes."

"Always thinking about sex."

"Only with you."

"I'm glad."


"Hey Anna, want to hang out tomorrow evening? I thought we could have a movie night, snacks, drinks, takeout, the whole nine yards."

"Oh, yeah sure." She said. "Just me and you?"

"If you want. Or we could do a whole girls night? You, me, Sam, Ali, Megan?"

"Yeah, actually sounds good."

"Great. Do you want to come to ours? You can crash here as well if you want?"

"Sure. I'll bring a sleeping bag."

"Great. I'll call the others. Can you ask Megan? I don't have her number."

"Of course."

I grinned and started ringing the others. I was mid conversation with Ali when Sam appeared through the door and crawled on to the bed, up to me. I ran my fingers through her hair and she kissed the palm of my hand.

"Yeah we thought it would be nice for us all to have a night in, films, snacks, alcohol, you know?" I continued. Sam was kissing me, and I tried to keep a strong voice as she began to slip her fingers under my pants. "Good! Yeah I'm... I'm glad. Yeah I've missed you too..." I tried not to make a sound but she was so good... "Ok Ali, I'll see you tomorrow. Ok, ok bye!" I hung up as fast as possible and dropped my phone, clinging to the bars at the top of the bed and moaning. "I can't... believe you did... that!" I gasped as I pushed myself towards her more. She looked up momentarily.

"Baby, one of these days I'll see if you can make it through a whole orgasm while you're on the phone. See if anyone notices. It's a game."

"Fuck you." I grinned. "No... fuck me instead."

The End

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