Anna: Jog In The ParkMature

Thoughts buzzed around my head as I bid goodbye to Ali and Megan outside Pieces, walking in the opposite direction to them. Cara had thought that my giving her the spare key was a ploy to give her a way to come back to me, the mere thought hadn’t even begun to speculate about the merest possibility of crossing my mind and yet Cara had instantly jumped to the conclusion that that had been the reason why. It hurt me that she thought I would be so selfish!

I jammed my key into the lock and climbed the steep stairs up to my new studio flat, the warmth from my radiator warming me instantly. I shed my clothes, pulled on my pyjamas and clambered eagerly into my big double bed yawning as I did so. It had been a busy day and it had taken it out of me so it didn’t take me long to fall asleep.

As I had nothing planned for the foreseeable I decided to have a long lie in, made easier by the fact that my apartment had big blackout curtains which blocked out all daylight. I eventually crawled out of the warm embrace of my bed at about half eleven when the guilt of doing nothing became unbearable. I pulled back the curtains and sun bleared through, making up my mind instantly that I would go for a jog around the park across the road.

I pulled on my striped Adidas jogging bottoms and matching hoody, grabbed my ipod, earphones and phone from my bedside table and made a beeline for the door. After making sure my flat was locked I practically leapt down the stairs eager to get out into the sunshine. I debated texting Cara and asking her whether she wanted to tag along but something Cara said the night before stopped me.

“I'd love to get back to how we are but you can't just hover over me with the past every time I do something slightly different or out of character. I'm changing, so are you.”

I slipped my mobile back into my pocket, Cara was right, we were both changing and perhaps Cara thought that I was smothering her and hovering over her too much and it was overwhelming her and in the process pushing her away.  Instead I jammed my earphones into my ears and headed towards the park.

The sun was blazing down warming my bare skin as I jogged around the park which was abundant with people (mainly students) sunbathing, having picnics or messing around in the fountain and generally being juvenile. I jogged about four times around the park before stopping, hands on my knees panting for breathe. Ever since my weight loss gone wrong, exercising always left me exhausted for the rest of the day, mainly because there wasn’t much fat left to burn on my body however since then I had gained some curves back by eating properly and healthily but I still wanted to maintain my slim figure.

I decided to head back to the flat and get changed out of my sweaty outfit and do something a little more productive with my day. Ever since my student finance for the year had finished I had found myself being tight with my money, this was because I needed a part time job. The job I previously had at ‘The Buzz’ fell through when they laid me off and then neglected to call me back as well as sending me my P45. Subtle hint much.

I slipped into the corner shop on my way back, deciding to get an ice cream to cool off. The shop bell tinkled as I entered and a smiling Mrs Blenkinsopp greeted me.

“Hello lovey!” she chirped

“Hey, gosh its hot out there, going to grab an ice cream to cool off.” I said heading towards the freezer and grabbing out a chocolate ice cream.

“Yeah it is hot out there, probably why its quiet in here other than the odd person buying ice lollies.” Mrs Blenkinsopp said with a smile, nodding toward my ice cream which I placed on the counter. I waited for her to scan it but instead she handed it back to me.

“You look as though you need it, I could see you from here running round the park. Enjoy.”

“Really? Thank you so much!”

“You’re welcome m’dear” she said with a wide smile.

I made towards the door but stopped with my arm outstretched as a thought hit me, “You don’t have any jobs going do you?” I asked hopefully.

“As a matter of fact I do if you are interested.”

The End

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