Anna: Garlic BreathMature

“Anna, there will be no-where serving food at this time of night!” Ali said trailing behind me and rolling her eyes at my stubbornness.  I shook my head and kept walking, Ali and Megan breaking into a little jog to keep up with me. I knew that there was a pizza shop around here somewhere which would do cheesy garlic chips. I stopped and Ali who had been talking to Megan walked into me.

“Aha, see I told you!” I said holding my arms out in the direction of an open Pizza shop called ‘Regency Pizza’ and looking delighted with myself. I pulled out my purse and looked at the other two who were wavering by the door.


“Nah, I’m not hungry…..” Ali said with Megan quickly following suit, “We’ll wait here for you though and maybe pinch a couple of chips.”

“Cheeky” I said before walking into the crowded pizza shop.


“Never ever going there when its busy again, took half an hour to make this, and that was after they got it wrong the first time and overcharged me!” I said whilst twirling some melted cheese round a chip which was smothered in garlic sauce.

“You know, it’s a good think you’re not kissing anyone tonight…”

“Why Ali…?”

“Your breath will honk of garlic”

“Well at least I won’t be bitten by a vampire” I said licking the garlic from around my mouth.

“Yeah, because no-one will want to come near you with horrible garlic breath!” Ali joked.

“Might not give them a choice, here Megan hold this!” I said handing her the chips and chasing after Ali who shrieked and ran across the road to get away from me. I sped up and grabbed her from behind and whirled her around, holding her tight so she couldn’t move. I purposely breathed on her and saw her nose crinkle up in disgust.

“Anna…” she giggled, struggling to get free, “Let me go, you stink of garlic!” she said whining at me but laughing as well. I pulled her close and gave her a quick kiss and breathing garlic all over her.

“You silly mere!” she said slapping my arm playfully.

“What was that about no-one kissing me…”

“Forced, it doesn’t count. Alright smart arse, no-one would kiss you willingly with garlic breath.”

“Fair point!” I said laughing and turning to face Megan who was laughing as how silly we were being and still holding my chips – some of which I spotted, Megan had eaten but I didn’t mind.

“Would you Megan….” I said puckering up and walking towards her, she laughed and handed the chips to Ali to hold.

“I like the taste and smell of garlic as you well know so come here slop pot!” she said much to my surprise.  If it hadn’t been for the fact that the aim was to stink the other out with the smell of garlic, the kiss would have probably had more meaning but as it happened, we both knew that we were only having a bit of banter. As our lips parted, both Megan and I looked at Ali who seemed lost for words, she finally said;

“Your both crackers!”

“Yeah but that’s why you love us!” I said putting my arm over her shoulder and hugging her and them Megan. I slipped the remaining chips into a nearby bin as they had gone cold and horrible in the time it had taken us to stop messing around.

As we walked I spotted a familiar street even through the darkness and pointed it out to the other two, “Hey look, we’re by Pieces and it looks as though lights are on upstairs… shall we go say hello?”

“Sounds good to me” Ali and Megan chimed at the same time.

“In which case, we all better have a very strong mint each as I know that Cara want us stinking the flat out with garlic, especially when her and Sam have to sleep there!” I said handing a mint to both Ali and Megan before pushing one into my own mouth.

The End

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