Cara: Trying to TalkMature

I lay in bed, the blankets draped over barely any of me. My arm covered my eyes and it was only when I squirmed that the light from the candles flickered through.

"Hold still." Sam muttered, halting the ice cube that she had been trailing down my chest.


"I know. Shush sweetheart." I felt her moving and then her hands gently pulled my arm away. "Kiss me." I smiled and inclined my head towards hers, but she wouldn't let me close enough. "Kiss me," she repeated, teasingly.

"I'm trying." I moaned, reaching for her.

"Very." She grinned and allowed me to kiss her on the lips. I closed my eyes contentedly, but they flew open when she smacked my bum, not hard, but enough to make me jump. "Now, hold still. This icecube will melt soon if you don't."

"Ow." I grinned, settling back down so she could begin again.

"Wimp." She replied before applying the icecube to my collar bone again. She began her tantalising descent again, circling my nipples until they hardened-

Someone banged on the door. I opened my eyes and looked at Sam who was staring behind her. Someone knocked on the front door again, loudly and urgently.

"Sounds important." I muttered and Sam looked back at me. "Go."

She nodded and climbed off me, grabbing a t-shirt and some leggings to cover herself with. I slipped  off the bed and pulled on my pj bottoms and a jumper as I heard her answer the door. My phone buzzed and I saw Anna had texted me. I replied back hurriedly.

"I need to talk to you!" I heard someone say, a man. I padded over to the door of our bedroom and peered out. My phone buzzed again and Anna had sent me another text asking if I was angry with her. I rolled my eyes. I was far more interested in the person by the door right now. My reply was short.


"Who is it?" I asked Sam who  I could see by the door. She looked over at me and I heard the man speak again.

"Who's that?"

Sam turned away from me and spoke to the man.

"That's my girlfriend."

"Girlfriend? You have a girlfriend?"


"Oh. I didn't realise. Your mother said..."

"My mother said what?"

"She said you'd changed your mind. Missed me." My phone buzzed again and I skimmed the text, writing Ok in response. Then I returned to what was happening by the door.

"Well you can tell my mother she needs to keep her nose out. I told her I'm happy. She can just be happy for me."

Sam shut the door in the man's face and locked it. Then she padded back up to me.

"What was that about?" I asked, stopping her.

"Nothing. Just someone I used to know." She wrapped her arms around me and kissed me. "Come back to bed. We have unfinished business."

"Sam-" She kissed me before I could get another word out and began to lift up my jumper. I batted away her hand and broke away. "Sam, what aren't you telling me?"

She sighed and leaned against the door.

"Do we have to talk about this now?"

"Yes. You'll be too busy tomorrow, and you're obviously upset."

"I'm not-" She began but I gave her a look and she surrendered. "Ok ok, come on, let's at least be comfortable."

She stripped and climbed in to bed, and I followed suit. Once I was curled against her, my head on her shoulder, she began.

"When I came out, for about the third time, my mother decided to do something about it. Set me up on dates with her society friends sons. And when she realised it wasn't going how she hoped, she managed to get one of the most clingy and deluded men, who apparently had a crush on me, to go after me. Everything I did to knock him back he just rebounded. And now he's back to try again."

"What? But your mother was fine with-"

"My mother appears to have had a change of heart having noticed how... serious, we have become."

"Ah." I kissed her shoulder gently and rubbed her stomach. "But it'll be fine. You've told him now and he'll go away."

"I know. It just annoys me that my mother has decided to ignore my happiness. Destroy it."

"Well she can't." I climbed on top of her. "See? I'm right here, not going anywhere."

She grinned and sat up. 

"Well I am very glad to hear it. And have I ever told you how absoloutely gorgeous you look from this angle?" She wrapped her arms around my back and kissed my breasts. 

"You're only saying that because you have an eyeful."

"You may be right." She chuckled, grazing my left nipple with her teeth. I gasped and moved in response. 

"F-f-fuck," I groaned as she continued to play with me. 

"Gladly." She chuckled and flipped me over so I lay breathless, on my back. "It's a shame about the ice, but I think I can help fulfill your birthday wish in other ways."


I was lying, exhausted and sweaty, with my arms around Sam. 

"Did I make your birthday wish come true?" I nodded, still unable to speak. She chuckled and kissed the top of my head. "I'm glad." She stroked my arm with her thumb and hummed, satisfied.

"Sam?" I finally said, aware of something important.

"Yes sweetheart."

"You're going to have to let me go."

"What?" She looked up. "Why?"

"I need the toilet." I giggled and she let me go, laughing, so I could go.

When I finished I caught a glimpse and groaned. I wasn't supposed to start for another week. Early period. Damn, I hate them. I grabbed a pair of pants and put a night pad on then returned to bed.

"Well, I guess if it had to be over for a while at least I had a good thing to remember." I sighed.

"What are you talking about?" She asked, confused.

"Period." I shrugged.

The End

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