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Money at the ready, I ordered a large bucket of toffee popcorn and a vanilla milkshake to take into the cinema with me. I knew it would be expensive so it was no surprise when I had to pull out another five pound note as the popcorn and the milkshake had come to over ten pound. On the upside, neither Megan or Ali were having popcorn so at least if they got peckish they could just have some of mine and save me from looking like a right pig.

The film we had picked was called ‘Smoke on the Wind’, the title enough had been enough to intrigue us. It was essentially a chick flick about a girl called Daisy who had fallen in love to someone who was not into her and who was not right for her in the slightest. The plot seemed interesting however both Ali and I were a tad sceptical, convinced that it would be like any other chick flick out there.

The three of us sat near the back of the cinema where we had the best view of the screen and had a bit more leg room. I leaned back in my chair and started munching on the popcorn which seemed to crunch very loudly between my teeth, almost drowning out the sound of the adverts before the film actually started.

“Want to eat any louder?” Ali asked with a chuckle before pinching a piece of popcorn herself.

“Sorry.” I said, giving her a wide smile, “I could eat louder if you wanted me to.” I added, making it look as though it was an after thought. She glared at me and then smiled.


The film was actually really interesting and had quite a thick plot which neither one of us expected, although it did end in quite a sad Romeo and Juliet style which made me wonder if they couldn’t have come up with anything better. I did end up eating the majority of the popcorn myself, Megan didn’t like toffee flavoured and Ali only took the odd one at odd intervals throughout the film.

Out of all of my friends it would have been Cara who would have enjoyed that film the most; all the intricacies in the plotline would have enthralled her. I pulled out my phone and decided to send her a quick text.

You missed a decent film, you would have liked it! Fancy coming round later on for a cuppa and a chit chat? Its been ages since we have had a good old gossip just you and me. A xx

I slid my phone back into my pocket and walked up to where Megan and Ali were standing in the cinema lobby chatting animatedly about every last detail of the film.

“… and when he pulled out the gun and said he would shoot if it would save her. That was such a lovely moment. I nearly cried.”

“I am sure that you did cry Megan.” I joked, earning myself a poke in the ribs.

“I nearly did, I had tears in my eyes.”

“Aww, you are such a cutie and a softy when it comes to films!” Ali said before dodging out of the way of Megan and laughing at her facial expression.

It was at that moment when my phone vibrated in my pocket to let me know that Cara had replied. I pulled my phone out of my pocket, eager to see what she had put but my face fell as soon as I had read it.

Busy so can’t meet up. Glad the film was good. C.  

The first thing I noticed was how short and to the point the message was, and secondly the lack of a kiss at the end. I mean I didn’t expect one but for most people putting a kiss on the end is automatic and means nothing, and Cara had always put kisses on the end in the past, apart from in this text.

Confused I hit reply.

Are you angry with me about something?

Seconds after hitting the send button I got a reply.


Brow furrowed I pressed reply again.

Look, why am I still getting the vibe that things are still awkward between us? I have moved on Cara and am not going to come between you and Sam so please can things go back to how they were before. When we were close and did everything together?

I hit the send button, hoping that this text would clear some things up and Cara wouldn’t feel awkward anymore. My phone buzzed and looking at the screen I didn’t even need to open the text to read it. It said one word. 


Shaking my head, I put my phone back into my pocket and addressed Ali and Megan,

“Hey, lets go for cheesy garlic chips.”

“You can’t seriously be hungry?” Ali asked.

“No, not especially …. I just want some!”

The End

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