Anna: Cinema TripMature

I felt as though a weight had been lifted from my shoulders after my long talk with Nancy, I brought about thirty pounds worth of shopping and headed back up to my flat. I unpacked the food into the fridge and then shoved a microwavable meal in to cook. It was nothing on a meal out which I knew Cara, Sam and her mum would be currently enjoying but a microwaveable meal would be enough for me.

Once it was cooked I settled myself down on the sofa, tucked one leg under my and moved my mouse to check facebook on my laptop whilst eating. I scrolled to Cara’s facebook to find it flooded with messages wishing her a happy birthday, the most current being from her old dance teacher Amy.

Happy Birthday Cara, I hope you have a lovely day! X

I smiled as I flicked through her facebook messages, she had so many friends, so many people that care about her and yet she doesn’t notice the one person who cared about her more life itself. I sighed and shut my laptop, deciding that I shouldn’t dwell on things I can’t change as it was a waste of energy.


Night was drawing in, and as I was getting tired I decided that I would hit the hay or have a sleep for several hours to get rid of the wave of tiredness that had hit me, as moving housing was a tiring ordeal. Before pulling the blackout curtains across, I looked out across the park and saw it lit by lamps that were glowing an orange colour as though they had just been turned on. I spotted a runner who was running at a steady pace around the park and it made me think how nice it would be revising, running, or doing anything in the park on a beautiful sunny day. A sudden idea hit me and I pulled my phone and text Cara.

Hey Cara, Just wondering if you fancied going to the park opposite my new flat at some point to chill out or for a jog? I hope your birthday is going well chick xx

I pressed the send button and waited for her to reply and while I waited I clambered into bed still fully dressed and, switching on my side light and turning off my main light. My phone blipped it response and I grabbed my phone to read Cara’s reply.

Don’t know when I will be free. Birthday is going fine. Cx

My brow knitted into a frown at her very short response but then she was with her mum and Sam so wouldn’t want to be rude by texting in their company.  On that note, I switched off my phone so that I wouldn’t be disturbed and read a book that I had not finished reading until I felt tired.


It was a very different experience waking up in my studio flat, the blackout curtains made it seem much earlier than it actually was and it was only when I looked at the clock and saw that it was half past nine in the evening, so I decided to get back up and find something to do until it was actually time to sleep. I decided to get some food.

I poured myself some cereal and perused to my favourite radio station Galaxia Radio, and switched it on so that I could listen to it whilst eating. I wasn’t really paying attention at first as it was just playing songs but I tuned in when the news came on. I liked keeping up with the news.

After I had eaten I decided that I would ring, Ali, Megan and Cara to see if they fancied going to the cinema to see a film, I wasn’t sure what was in the cinema currently but I just fancied a trip out with my friends. Ali and Megan both picked up and agreed but Cara said she had other things planned, (things that she obviously didn’t want me to know about as she didn’t go into detail.)

Oh well, my world didn’t just revolve around Cara.

The End

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