Anna: Familiar FaceMature

It took me several hours after Megan, Cara and Sam left to get my new flat to perfection, it was so spacious and beautiful I felt as though I didn’t have enough stuff to actually fill the place. It felt good to have a flat that was mine and no-one else’s. I flopped down on my new double bed (I wasn’t used to having a double bed) and spread out my arms. For once it felt as though things were looking up.

My stomach growled at me and I realised that I wouldn’t be eating tonight unless I got some food in, so I leapt up off the bed, shoved my coat on and grabbed my bag and keys. Never had I need so excited to go shopping but never had the shops been so close. The lock clicked shut behind me and I cantered down the stairs and out the other door which I then locked.

The bell in the shop below my flat tinkled as I opened the door and a smiley old lady with mousey brown curly hair and glasses greeted me from her seat behind the counter.

“Hi, my name is Annabella Hawman, I have just moved into the flat above.” I said in a small voice, for some reason I recognized her.

“Well hello love, they said a student was moving in above, you look very familiar to me though. It must be my age.” The lady said with a soft chuckle, “Anyway, my name is Mrs Blenkinsopp, call me Nancy, everyone does as they often don’t remember my surname or can’t pronounce it.”

Then it hit me, how I recognised her, Nancy Blenkinsopp was the lovely old lady who had taken me in when I needed space from the world, the lady who lived in that beautiful little village. UnderSillon. I looked at her for a moment and then said, “It’s not your age you know….”

“What’s not my age lovey?”

“We have met before”

“Have we?” she asked looking perplexed and looking over her glasses at me.

“You live in that beautiful village, UnderSillon don’t you?” I asked, walking up to the counter.

“Yes I do but how do you ….?”

“You took me in when I was having problems, I’d fallen asleep outside, underneath a tree.”

“Oh that’s right, now I remember you. You were having relationship problems weren’t you? Did you sort them out?” she asked with interest.

I sighed, leaning on the counter.

“Let me make you a cuppa Anna. I keep a kettle and some mugs under the counter for when it’s quiet or people need a sympathetic ear. Come round this side of the counter and take a seat on my spare stool and I will make you a cup of tea and you can tell Granny Nancy all about it.”

I did as I was told and perched on the stool and watched as Nancy brewed two mugs of tea and handed one to me, before sitting down and looking over her glasses at me again.

“When we last spoke, if I remember correctly, you wanted space from the people you were around. You were upset, confused and hurt by the choices of someone?” Nancy asked.

“Wow, you really do listen well.”

“People in the past have called me Nancy Owl.”


“Because I am old, reasonably wise and always listen well.”

“Nice nickname”

“I know. So go on, tell me all your problems, let’s see if Nancy Owl can help.” She said with a warm smile.

I sighed again, before obliging and telling Nancy everything, from turning lesbian to my growing feelings for Cara and how things happened and we didn’t work out but I still loved her even though Cara had moved on. I told her about the ultimatum I had given Cara and how Cara had chosen Sam over me resulting in her and my other housemates moving out and leaving me to handle life alone. How I couldn’t handle life on my own and I had ended up in hospital because of it, and how even after everything Cara was still there for me but still didn’t reciprocate my feelings for her. I talked for over half an hour and Nancy didn’t say a word, she nodded to show she was still listening but didn’t make a sound until I had stopped speaking.

“Well, I think you made the right decision to move out of the old flat which will forever hold bad memories for you. I think a new flat for a new you is just what you need. I think that although your feelings for Cara will never go away as she is a big part of your life, I know you will meet someone who can love you and who you can love just as much as Cara. She is your best friend who you have known all your life and no-one; I repeat NO-ONE can take that away from you!”

“Thank You Mrs Blenkinsopp, it really helped to talk to someone.”

“You are very welcome m’dear anytime, and please call me Nancy.”

“Okay. Thanks Nancy” I said with a warm smile, “I suppose I should do my shopping now.”

The End

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