Anna: House KeyMature

“You picked a nice flat here.” Megan complemented taking a sip from her drink and looking around at the living area which was very spacious.

“Yeah, I like it a lot, surprisingly I was searching for a flat of my own when I was in hospital, although originally I hadn’t actually anticipated on living on my own, especially not when we first started out but hey ho.” I sighed before muttering, “Shit happens and you have to deal with it.” I looked down at my drink before taking a swig.  I didn’t want to look as though I was still mellowing over things so instead of frowning because things hadn’t gone to plan and it had upset me, instead I smiled at Cara before she could even consider looking concerned.

“Thanks for helping me, I really appreciate it, I couldn’t have done it without you all.” I said holding my drink up and then figuring I should do it properly I said, “To new beginnings and whatever they bring,” looking at Cara as I said this, hoping to convey to her without words that things were fine and I was not intent of jeopardising her relationship with Sam no matter how much I loved her.


“Are you going to be alright here?” Cara asked, pulling out of my hug and looking at me,

“Will you chill, I will be fine!”

“Will you though?”

“Cara, I have been living in the old flat for months and if I am hungry there is a shop which is open until ten every day and I have a telephone door lock so no-one can just walk in without me letting them is or if they have a key, which reminds me.” I pulled out the set of four identical keys from my pocket, unhooked one from the ring and gave her it.

“What’s this for?” Cara asked perplexed.

“In case.”

“In case of what?” she asked looking worried.

“In case you need to get in for any reason.”

“But why would I…”

“For gods sake Cara, it’s a key not a ring, just take it!”

“I don’t under….”

“Because you are my best friend that’s why!” I said giving an exasperated, melodramatic sign.

“Okay then.” She said pocketing it but still looking confused.

“I’ll see you all out to the car.” I paused then turned to face Megan, “How are you getting home?”

“Oh I can walk from here” she said with a smile.

“I can give you a lift if you would like?” Sam interjected.

“That’s kind, well as long as it’s not a problem.”  Megan said with a gracious smile. I liked Megan, it was her shyness that made her sweet, the way she didn’t want to be a burden on anyone and she wouldn’t impose herself on anyone.

“No its fine, you’ll have to direct me is all.”

“Life saver Sam!”  I told her with a smile, “I’ll see you all out, the flat needs sorting and I am sure you all have things you need to do!”  I walked Sam, Megan and Cara to the car and then stood on the curb to wave them off.

Cara was sitting in the back seat, obviously so Megan to direct Sam easier, I smiled at her and she smiled back at me and for some strange reason it felt as though we were kids again and Cara had just been for a sleep over and her mum had just come to collect her. Strange how the mind wonders back to young innocent times. I shook myself and headed back inside my new flat to unpack my things properly and settle in. First thing on the agenda was a nice cup of tea.

The End

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