Anna: Moving DayMature

The rest of the party went brilliantly, Cara opened her presents at midnight, and all of them were magnificent. The bracelet that I had gotten her was glimmering beautifully on her wrist; the scarf which Megan had bought her under my guidance was draped loosely her shoulders and the necklace which Sam had bought her was most prominent, hanging around her neck. The party didn’t properly end until about half one to two o’clock and by then everyone was dragging their heals and yawning and not even the craziest partiers were even contemplating going to the club. Megan and I stayed back to help tidy up, stacking chairs on top of each other and helping to gather all the empty glasses from the tables.

“Thanks for coming” Cara said, holding the door open.

“Like I would miss it, come here!” I said wrapping my arms around her and pulling her into a tight hug, “You know, you are so lucky!”

“What’s brought this on?”

“Nothing. Just saying that you are extremely lucky and I hope you had an amazing birthday Cara!”

“I did Anna and thanks again for the presents!”

“Your welcome,” I said smiling, “Oh and don’t forget…. You and Sam promised that you would help me move into my new flat tomorrow, is that still okay?”

“Ooh I don’t know …..” she said jokingly, “what time do you need me?” she asked smiling.

“Well I pick the keys from the estate agents about half ten, so say eleven at the old flat with Sam’s car?” I asked.

Cara pulled a cheeky face and then smiled, “Go on then, since its you – see you tomorrow!”

“Thanks” I said before turning on my heal and joining Megan who was sleeping in Cara’s old room as I had absolutely forbid her from walking back to hers  in pitch black at half two in the morning. She had argued at first saying that she was older than me and that she would be fine but I had shouted her down saying that I would appreciate her staying for my piece of mind.  

“Shall I stick the kettle on?” I asked Megan as we got into the flat and pulled off our coats, it had started raining during our walk home and we had both gotten soaked.

“Yes please.” Megan replied gratefully, kicking off her high healed boots and heading into the bedroom where I had made up the bed for her. I smiled, kicked off my shoes too allowing my aching feet to relax and headed into the kitchen.  Megan joined me about five minutes later in her pyjamas and dressing gown and as she approached I slipped a freshly brewed mug of tea into her hands.

“I didn’t know if you liked sugar or not so I didn’t put any in.” I said before taking a sip out of my mug. Megan smiled gratefully and took a sip out of hers.

“I don’t like sugar in my tea, I am sweet enough. Thank you, this tea is lovely, do you mind if I take it to bed with me?” she asked.

“Yeah sure, see you in the morning” I said smiling at her before she got to her feet and heading towards the bedroom and after five minutes I did likewise.


The alarm buzzed at half eight the next morning, I bashed it and slipped slowly and surely out of bed. I headed towards my wardrobe to get dressed but nearly tripped over a box with some things in which I had put in the centre of my room. Excitement bubbled over me as I realised that it was finally time for me to move into my own flat. I dressed quickly and bounded downstairs to find Megan fully dressed, her bags packed and her making two cups of tea.

“Umm, I didn’t know whether you were awake and I didn’t want to disturb you but I have made you a cup of tea.” Megan said handing me a mug.

“Thank you!” I said gratefully taking the cup and sipping it.

“So what are you going to do today?” I asked her, sitting down on the kitchen chair.

“Perhaps do some background reading for next year, get a head start or I could help you if you want?” she asked.

“I wouldn’t want to keep you from anything important.”

“No I want to help, I’ll only end up procrastinating anyway if I say I am going to do reading and then I won’t get anything done.”

“Well only if your sure Megan, how about you drop your things back at yours and meet back her at eleven, I will have the key by then?” I suggested.

“Okay then” she said downing her tea, “see you shortly.”


I entered the stuffy air conditioned offices of Pitcher Properties and headed to the desk; a young lady sitting at a computer looked up at me and smiled. “How can I help?”

“Umm, I am here to pick up the keys for Flat Twenty Eight Willow Street” I said grinning at her as she tapped several keys on her computer.

“Annabella Hawman?” she asked.

“Yep that’s me.” I confirmed and the lady pushed a form under my nose.

“If you could just sign, there, there and there” the lady said pointing at various lines in this form. I obliged and was then handed a key ring with four identical keys hanging on it.

“Thank you” I said not questioning why I would need four keys but deciding on the spot that I would give a key to Cara in case, pocketing them and racing back to the house where Sam’s car had just pulled up outside and both Sam and Cara were just clambering out. Megan arrived seconds later.

“Hey you three, right everyone grab a box and load it into Sam’s car!”

The End

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