Anna: Vodka Shots & Barbie GirlMature

The party was in full swing, everyone was having an amazing time (even though I was positive that Megan was trying to get me hammered), Cara had been looking forward to her birthday party for weeks and now it was here I had promised myself that I would not ruin it for her. Yes I had feelings for her, feelings she didn’t reciprocate and that was the part in my alcohol driven state that I would have to remember. I decided to swerve Sam for the most part and when Cara was in Sam’s company keep my distance, however couldn’t help dragging her to the bar to buy her a drink and raising my glass to her.

“You having a nice time?” I asked over the booming music to Cara who was swaying from side to side with a grin on her face.

“An amazing time Anna!” she said, “This party is mega!” she said, which took me back slightly as she hadn’t used the word ‘mega’ in ages, it had been our word when we were younger and it had been the first time in ages she had said it!

“Come on, let’s do some shots!” I said grabbing her wrist and yanking her to the bar, and catching the barman’s eye.

“What shall we have?” I asked Cara who shrugged,

“You choose” she said

“Risky that Cara” I said

“I know!” she replied laughing as I turned back to the bar and said to the barman, “Two double vodka shots please!”

“Anna!” Cara said shocked but laughing all the while as I gave the man a five pound note and waited for the shots to be served.

“What? You did say you choose!”

“Yeah I know but ….. never mind!” she laughed as I handed her a shot from the bar and then grabbed mine. I held up three fingers and put them down one by one and then we both downed then shots.

“Yak! Vodka is VILE! Why do I torture myself like this!” I exclaimed slamming my shot glass down on the table and looking up at Cara who was flapping her arms and pulling a face of utter disgust!

“I am never letting you choose again!” she said poking me in the shoulder, “come on lets go dance…” she said dragging me onto the dance floor.

We danced for a while and yelling our heads off to the various songs that we knew, I even requested that the DJ played Barbie girl just because I knew that it would wind her up as she hated that song. She got me back though as she forced me to go up on the stage and sing the song into the mic. I was therefore relieved when the song finished and I could run off the stage, covering my face which was as red as a tomato.

“Nice singing Anna!” Cara said trying to swallow her hysterical laughter, “Revenge is a dish best served hot in my opinion!” she said bursting into laughter again. I lurched forward to go to poke her but she moved out the way and I tumbled into Sam who was approaching.

“Watch out! You had one too many!” she said with slight annoyance etched onto her face

“Umm, sorry Sam.” I said before scurrying away towards Megan and Katy who were sitting in a corner of the room just chatting casually to each other. I flopped into a chair next to Megan who smiled warmly at me and asked whether I was having a nice time.

“Yeah, amazing time …. You?”

“Yeah apart from only knowing two people here ….. “she said pulling a face.

“Well you won’t care when you have had some more drinks will you!”

“Suppose not, what you having?”

“Just water for me at the moment, trying to pace myself which is a first for me I know!”

The End

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