Cara: BirthdayMature

The time flew by and before I knew it, I had only an hour to finish getting ready before my party. In the mirror I saw Sam appear from the bathroom, wrapped in a towel with her wet hair plastered to her neck.

"What do you think?" I asked, waving two shades of lip gloss at her.

"Left. You going to get dressed before the party at all?" She grinned as the towel fell around her ankles during her rummage through the drawers. 

"Only when you've gone downstairs."

"Why do I always have to be surprised by what you wear?"

"Because I live for the look on your face when you love it." I swivelled on the chair and faced her. "Speaking of which, if you're going to go in that outfit we're going to have a problem."

She looked down at herself and chuckled.

"Would you be jealous?"

"Very. Now put something on, you're distracting." I turned back to the mirror and dabbed the lip gloss on my lips. She came up behind me grinning and leant down to kiss my neck.

"Distracting huh?" She grinned.

"Very." I murmured, tilting my neck slightly to allow her better access to my neck.

"Well we can't have that then." She pulled away and slipped her underwear on. I pulled a face at her in the mirror and went back to my makeup.

"Your DJ friend is downstairs setting up. Liam's helping." She said over her shoulder as she dressed.

"Oh, yeah, we're trying to get them together."



"I just had her pegged as gay is all."

"Nope. Well she likes guys any how. And since when are you paying attention to other women?" I said half playfully.

"Jealousy rearing it's head again?"

"Yes and if you're not careful, jealousy will be the only one sharing the bed with me tonight."

She gave me a look and rolled her eyes.

"Calm down, I wasn't looking."


"Jeez Cara." She breathed and came over, leaning on the table and looking down at me, shirt unbuttoned over her toned and still tanned torso. "Will you breathe? Why are you so stressed all of a sudden?"

"I'm not stressed ok? I just... I need to get ready." I ignored her and began lining my eyes with black. After a few moments she huffed and headed over to the drawers again. I sighed. I'd been snapping at Sam a lot in the last week. I'd blame PMS, but I wasn't due for another two weeks. I glanced over at her slipping on her jeans and frowned. Perhaps we had moved too fast, and I was realising it now? But I felt right with Sam. This recent mood swing was just stress, surely.

"Crap!" I swore as my eyeliner smudged. I saw Sam glance over in the corner of my eye as I dabbed it back.

"You look beautiful." She murmured, smoothing her shirt down.

"Sure, everyone wants a girlfriend whose eyes look like they've been punched."

"Whatever." She rolled her eyes. "I'm going downstairs."

Damn, did it again.

"Sam, wait." I hurried over to face her patient and hurt face. "I'm sorry, I don't know what's wrong with me. I shouldn't have snapped."

"Cara, whatever it is, you can talk to me you know." She said, smoothing my cheekbone with her thumb as she held my face. 

"I don't know what it is. I'm just... aggitated. I don't know why."

"If you need anything..."

"I know, I know. I'm sorry. When I come down I'll behave. Promise."

"I'll be the one struggling to behave myself."

"You haven't even seen the dress yet."

"You don't need a dress to make me love you. All you need to do is smile and my knees go weak."

I grinned, feeling tearful, and she gave me a quick kiss on the forehead before she left. When did I become such a moron? I was being a complete mental case for no reason to the person I loved. Get a grip Cara.

I slipped in to the dress I had bought, admiring the lattice cut under my breasts. I twirled, looking in the mirror and smiled. The music had started downstairs which meant people were arriving, and I just had time to slip the bracelet Anna had bought me on to my wrist. I'd told her to invite her friend, Megan, to tonight so I hoped she'd be happy. Now that everyone was getting along reasonably well I couldn't see there being a problem. Or at least I hoped there wouldn't be. And I hoped that Anna and Sam would actually... talk. Because they hadn't really since the whole... 'it's me or her' scenario Anna had created.

I headed downstairs and was immediately surprised at the amount of people that were already there. I hadn't realised how late it was. Liam grinned at me from where he was stood with Kayla, the DJ. Anna was in the corner, talking to Megan and a woman I didn't know, who had her back to me. Ali and Jak were kissing in the corner so I chuckled and averted my eyes to look for Sam. I found her eventually as she headed towards me, carrying two glasses of something that looked like champagne.

"Hey Birthday girl." She grinned passing me the glass. "You look gorgeous."

"Thank you. And I'm not there quite yet. Midnight remember?"

"Mmm, a couple more hours before you get old. Best enjoy them while I can." She chuckled.

I gave her a light shove then pulled her back to steal a kiss.

"Sorry for earlier."

"It's forgotten. Have you seen your presents?" She pointed to a table with a substantial pile on it. "Mine's on there too. Well, part of it. But you can't open them till midnight."

"Are you going to stop me?" I teased.

"If I have to." She grinned and kissed me. "Come on. I'd best not keep you all to myself." We turned in to the main open area just as Anna came flying through the crowd.

"Hey! Happy Birthday... well almost! You remember Megan right?"

"Thanks Anna, hey Megan."

"Hey." She replied, smiling. "Thanks for the invite."

"No problem."

"And obviously you know Katy." I turned to look at the other woman I'd seen with them. Katy! I hadn't recognised her out of her hospital gear, all dressed up. She looked... hot. I coughed.

"Hi Katy, sorry, I didn't recognise you."

"I get that all the time. Happy Birthday." She grinned at me then her eyes slipped sideways. "Hey Sam."

"Hey Katy." Sam said at my side. "How are you?"

"Good. You?"

"Happy." She smiled, slipping her arm around me.

The End

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