Anna: Live MusicMature

I felt stupid that I had bought the cigarettes, what had gotten into me?  Why had I even contemplated starting smoking again? It was a stupid idea, and worse Cara had found the receipt. I cast my mind back to the trouble the cigarettes had caused me back in my final year of secondary school.

I had let myself fall into the wrong crowd, pushed away all my true friends including Cara who could see right through the friends I had deluded myself into thinking were my true friends when of course they were just fickle. We would sneak off the school premises at break and lunch to smoke and some of them even took weed, which they eventually peer pressured me into taking. One lunchtime however we were caught out, not by our teacher but by the police who had just stumbled upon us quite by accident, inhaling the familiar smell of weed we were all arrested, our parents informed. Since I had no previous convictions however I got away with just a caution not to do it again, some of the others however had to do community service and one even went to a juvenile centre for a couple of month as he had been taking some illegal drugs. I don’t know what happened to him after that. It was several months before Cara would talk to me but when she thought that I had suffered enough she relented but warned me saying that if I ever did anything like that again she would cut all contact with me permanently.

We spent a happy afternoon (after the discovery of the cigarettes)winding up Cara and getting her to spill every last detail of her love life with Sam, even if it did backfire when she asked Ali and me to describe the times we had made love to each other. That shut us up pretty quickly. 


“What should we do now?” Ali asked as we passed the statue in the town centre for the fifth time whilst walking around aimlessly.

“How about we go to the big park by the river?” I suggested hopefully.

“What are we six?” Ali retorted with a bit of a giggle.

“No, I just thought that it’s just a beautiful warm day with the sun out and everything we could have a wonder”

“I’m not….”  Cara started but I cut her off

“Plus that poster over there says that there is some music being played at the bandstand” I said pointing at a large poster and grinning a Cara and Ali hopefully.

“Alright then” Cara relented as I knew she would, as I knew that Cara liked live music.

I jumped up and down like a little girl for a moment before looping my arm through Cara’s as we walked towards the park. As we passed a bin I fished into my bag and pulled out the packet of cigarettes and the lighter and threw it into the bin which satisfied Cara.


The music could faintly be heard from the entrance of the park, a melodic tune which made me think of leaves floating on a light breeze on its slow decent to the ground. As we drew closer the voice which accompanied the music was beautiful, with a slight opera tone mixed in with it, and it was no surprise that there was a large crowd surrounding the bandstand, the people a variety of different ages.

We weaved through the crowd and got as near to the front as we could, from where we were stood we were able to see the people playing the instruments. I scanned the faces and my eyes fell on a girl with long dark hair and brown eyes, happily playing a red melodeon.

“That’s Megan!” I said happily pointing her out to Cara and Ali, “So that was her prior engagement!”

“She’s really good!” Cara said with a smile,

“Isn’t she just” I replied with a smile just as I managed to catch her eye and give her a wide smile which she mirrored.

As the music ended, I bounded towards the stage where Megan was still sitting with her melodeon.

“So this was your prior engagement” I said smiling up at Megan who grinned back.

“Yeah, didn’t know you were coming”

“Nor did we …. We just ended up here after seeing a poster”

“Nice, you staying until the end?”

“May as well, might go and sit in the sun by the river and listen from there though”.

The End

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