Anna: Honey TonesMature

An awkward air lingered as we all listened to Cara’s footsteps dying away up the stairs, I fiddled nervously with my phone that was in my hands and refusing to look at the group in front of me. Instead I took a deep breath and said as quickly as I could; “LookIamreallysorryaboutwhathappenedpleaseforgiveme?”

“Say that again but this time take a breath and slow down” Liam asked in a perplexed tone having not understood a word of what I had just rambled.

I took a deep steadying breath and started again, this time forcing myself to look into Liam’s eyes; it was his eyes more than anyone else’s that remained steadily on me.

“I am really sorry about what happened, I made a mistake, I shouldn’t have forced Cara to choose. It was very selfish of me. Can you possibly …. Forgive me?” I asked sheepishly scraping my feet on the floor in imitation of five year old me, when I was in trouble for eating all the chocolates from my advent calendar in one go.

It was Ali who spoke next, in a calm and collect voice, almost like a mother talking to a child who had been naughty and needed to be told why what they had done was naughty.

“What you did was wrong Anna, very wrong and I don’t think you realise just how crushed Cara was but as long as you are truly sorry and you and Cara have made up then I am willing to forgive you.” I looked up from my feet and at Ali who smiled at me and then allowed me to pull her into a hug.

“Aye, well said Ali. I forgive you Anna” said Liam also hugging me and then the others followed suit.

“Cara will be glad we’ve all made up,”

“Yeah, you know what she’s like when her friends have fallen out with each other and she’s stuck in the middle,” Ali laughed, “She turns into a bossy bitch.”

“Now…” I warned her,

“Alright a bossy bitch with very good intentions and a good heart!”

“Here, here,” I said smiling raising an imaginary drink into the air, “Callum, go and give her the good news!” I said, he nodded and headed up the stairs to find her.


The rest of the day went by quite pleasantly, with the band playing some of their favourite tunes and trying to come up with some new ones with some suitable names.

“How about the name, Honey Tones for that song?” I suggested after they had played a beautiful piece which pulled at the heart strings and tested Cara’s voice to the max. She had sung it beautiful, her voice melodic and amazing to listen to.

“I love that name Anna!” Cara said smiling, “Any rejections?”

“Nope! You have a knack for picking names for songs Anna” Liam complemented, before writing the new name at the top of the sheet of music.

“Thanks Liam” I smiled, “I must admit that song is my favourite and it’s not just because I chose the name!”

Everyone laughed, making me feel content for the first time in I didn’t know how long!


“I had a lovely day today Cara, thanks” I said standing in the doorway of the flat, “do you want to come in for a coffee? I don’t think I have packed the kettle yet” I joked.

“Yeah sure,” she said with a smile as I opened the door wide to let her in,

“Don’t mind the mess, I’m in the process of packing for the move to the new flat, which I am dead excited about, speaking of which…“ I turned to look at her, “I don’t suppose you would help me move my stuff next week will you? My parents are moving so I have no-one else … please?” I asked fluttering my eyelashes at her.

The End

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