Cara: Sort it Out.Mature

We played two songs before I couldn't take the uncomfortable atmosphere anymore.

"Shall we do Spaced Out?" Liam asked, plucking a few chords.

"No. I don't think I'm going to sing another song until you lot have sorted your shit out." I looked pointedly at Anna until she shifted uncomfortably. "Look I know you were upset about what Anna did," I said to Liam and the rest, "but we fell out and now we're friends again. It happens. I know you just want me to be happy, and that's why all this happened, but if you really want me to be happy then you need to talk about this. I can't make you be friends again, but if you could try that would at least give me the comfort that you tried."

"Cara..." Anna began to argue but I shut her down.

"Anna, this is between you and the guys. I'm not interrupting. Just initialising. Get on with it." I booted her out of the chair and towards Liam, Jak, Callum and Ali. "I'm going to get a beer."

"Cara I don't think..." Liam began but I put up my hand.

"Talk to Anna, not me." I headed upstairs and went to the kitchen. Once there I leant on the side and let out my breath. I couldn't hear anything from downstairs but I took that as a good sign. At least they weren't yelling. I opened the fridge and grabbed a beer, knocking the top off on the side and taking a gulp. Still no sound from downstairs, although I thought I could hear the distant rumble of voices. They seemed calm, if a little on edge. My phone buzzed and I jumped, almost spilling beer down myself. I pressed accept and put the phone to my ear as I searched for a cloth to wipe the beer from the floor.


"Hey, Cara?"

"Yup it's me. Who's this?"

"Um, Katy. From the hospital."

"Oh god yes! Of course, sorry! I'm in a world of my own, sorry."

"That's alright. I was just wondering about your birthday, and how your holiday went."

"Yeah it went great thanks. Italy is beautiful. My birthday, I'm having it at Piece's and there'll be a dj, drink, food etc... and then I think we're going out on the town."

"Sounds good. When is it?"

"Mm, day before my birthday. So that'll be next friday."

"Right I'll make sure I've got it off."

"Cool, thanks. So how've you been?"

"I've been good. Run off my feet as usual but I can't complain. I hate not being busy."

"Ha, well maybe on friday you could let your hair down."

"Definitely. Oh, I gotta go but I'll see you Friday."

"Yeah I'll text you about the time."

"Ok thanks. Bye!"


I hung up and slipped my phone back in to my jeans grinning. I was actually excited for my birthday and as I grabbed the towel I had finally found and began mopping up the puddle of beer I was still grinning.

"Cara?" I turned to find Callum stood there.

"Hey Callum, have they finished?"

"Anna... something happened... they were angry and..." He looked pained and I stood up worried.

"What? What happened to Anna?"

He laughed.

"Nothing silly. You're so easy to wind up. Come on, they're waiting for you to start rehearsal again."

"Dick." I laughed and followed him downstairs. Anna was smiling and Liam was sat on the arm of the chair next to her. Jak and Ali were wrapped in each other on the drum seat. "So everything's good?" I checked.

"Sorted." Liam said grinning. Ali and Jak broke apart to nod and then continued to make out. I laughed and turned to Anna. She was smiling.

"Everything's good." She laughed. "Now come on, I want to see the pictures from the holiday!"


The End

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