Anna: AwkwardnessMature

“Seriously Cara, I don’t think I will get the warmest reception….” I groaned as Cara semi dragged me in the direction of Liams house (technically it was Jak’s but who cared, Ali, Jak and Liam were all living there) but Cara cut across me,

“Tough Anna, your going and that that!” she said leading me up the driveway and knocking on the door, keeping hold of me with the other hand just in case I decided to leg it (and I was tempted). The door opened wide to reveal Liam who quickly pulled Cara into a hug upon seeing her and gave me a curt little nod and saying my name stiffly before allowing us entrance. An awkward air lingered as I walked passed Liam and he shut the door behind me and then headed into the living room where he flopped into the nearest arm chair and gestured for Cara to sit.

It might have been my imagination but it appeared the Liam was acting as though I wasn’t there at all, this was hardly surprising as Liam was really close to Cara however I couldn’t help but feel that if Cara could forgive my rash actions then why couldn’t he and the others. I sat down quietly on the sofa next to Cara, feeling very uncomfortable and somewhat nervous.

“So, how was your holiday with Sam? Looking beautifully tanned as ever,” he complimented making light conversation with Cara whilst again ignoring my existence entirely.

“Um, yeah it was great…” Cara said uncertainly, I thought that she could detect the awkwardness in the air as well. Jak, closely followed by Ali entered the room and at the sight of Cara they both threw themselves on her, hugging her so tightly it looked as though her head might pop off. Neither Ali or Jak acknowledged my presents there either but instead started bombarding Cara with questions about her holiday in Italy.

“Was there any mega hot Italian ladies there?” Jak asked in an excited tone, “and is it true all the Italian women take off their tops when it gets too hot and walk around topless” he asked, staring at Cara hopefully. Cara chuckled and shook her head at Jak,

“I don’t know about mega hot Italian ladies as my eye was truly focussed on Sam and no Jak, I can assure you it got pretty hot in Italy and none of the women I saw were topless!” she said and Jak looked as though he’d just has his birthday cancelled.

“It got pretty hot did it…” Liam said suggestively to Cara, “and your sure you saw nobody topless…”

“Not in the way you’re thinking…”

“Not even a little bit”

“No!” Cara said but her cheeks went pink all the same, something which Ali spotted instantly.

“You little fibber…. I can tell you are lying because your cheeks have gone red!” Ali said poking Cara and laughing, “I just knew you would be getting some action!”

“Lets change the subject shall we…” Cara said, now as red as a tomato as Jak, Ali and Liam all roared with laughter and wouldn’t drop the subject until Cara had spilt everything.

“Um… I’m just going to go to the toilet…” I said getting up from my seat and leaving the room, none of them had acknowledged my existence.

 As I left the bathroom five minutes later, I realised that the chatter from Ali, Cara, Liam and Jak had now moved, they were no longer in the living room but had gone down to the basement where the band gear was and the door leading down to the basement was ajar.

I lingered before going down to join them, listening to what they were saying carefully, they had stopped talking about Cara’s holiday and were now moaning about something to Cara.

“I just cant see how you can be her friend after what she put you through” Ali said in an imploring sort of voice, “I mean she was forcing you to choose.”

“Yes I know that but she has apologised for that and after all, she is my best friend”

“Pfft, some best friend,” Liam muttered darkly, “I mean you even gave her a chance to apologise and break off the ultimatum and she was too selfish and didn’t”

“I know but…”

“Your too forgiving Cara” Ali said and at this I stopped listening in and headed downstairs, they must have heard me coming as the conversation turned to talking about the band.

“Shall we get practicing then?” Liam suggested as climbed down the stairs, entered the basement and sat down in the musty armchair in the corner of the room.

“Umm, sure” Cara said, sounding unsure all of a sudden.

The End

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