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“The rent for this property is ninety four pound a week and you can pay it monthly or if you want you can wait until your student loan comes through and pay then,” Emma said, showing me the contracts for the flat. I couldn’t stop smiling, the flat was perfect and I had accepted straight away – no way was I going to let such a great offer slip through my fingers.

“So when are you able to move in?”

“As soon as my tenancy for the flat I am in now runs out, but I would love to move in sooner if I could as the flat I am in now is too big for just me” I said although what I really wanted to say was that the flat hold too many bad memories now.

“How about in a fortnights time?”

“My lease doesn’t run out for a month”

“In housing contracts there is always a way to get out of them early…. You may loose your deposit you paid but….”

“Oh I never knew that….. I’ll look into that. Thanks”

“So shall I put you down to move in two weeks today?” Emma asked giving me a warm smile which I returned instantly.

“Yes please!” I said excitedly.

“In that case, if you would just sign here.”


The next few days passed slowly and without anything of any interest happening, other than getting a text from the girl I had met in hospital, Megan.  Who had just text to say that she was out of hospital and would I like to go for a drink sometime. I replied quickly saying that I’d love to go for a drink whenever she was free and as such we arranged to meet up on the Saturday for a drink (possibly alcoholic).


I leaned against the cool stone wall of the pub; arms folded against the cold and peered around. I couldn’t see her anywhere but then a person who was running with her head down against the bitter wind caught my eye and I smiled.

“Hey” said Megan panting slightly as she held a stitch in her right side and tried to catch her breath, “Sorry I was a tad late, didn’t realise how windy it actually was until I got out into it. How are you?”

“Yeah I’m fine, got myself a new place for next year at university which I am really excited about moving into!”

“Oh wow! When do you move in?” Megan asked as we made our way into the warm interior of The Oxtail pub and smells of hot food wafted in our direction filled our nostrils and made my stomach grumble.

“Couple of weeks time”

“Nice” she said smiling at me as we pulled ourselves onto bar stools.

“What are you drinking?” I asked.

“No, let me get these…” Megan said pulling out her purse but I waved my hand at it.

“Put it away, these are on me” I said, hopping down off the bar stool, “Now what are you having?”

"Cider please."


It was nice to sit in The Oxtail with Megan and just chat about random things and have several drinks, I bought a bowl of cheesy chips and the cheeky bitch kept sneakily taking a chip when she thought I didn’t notice, but we laughed all the same. I suggested that we should meet up at The Oxtail every Saturday for a drink and two bowls of cheesy chips, emphasising the two mainly because Megan kept eating my chips. Megan agreed that meeting up each week sounded lovely to her and on that note we went out separate ways.

I was only halfway home when my phone rang. I checked the caller ID and Cara’s name flashed onto the screen, I grinned as I pressed the answer button and put the phone to my ear. It was Cara, telling me that her and Sam were back home safe and sound, even if they were exhausted from their journey. We arranged to meet up the next day. It was only after I had gotten off the phone to Cara that i realised that I had been so busy, what with being in hospital and finding a flat that I hadn't managed to get a second to get Cara's birthday present. I knew that it would be early as her birthday wasn't for another week but I figured that I would buy it early and save panicking.

Even though I was nearly back at the house, I backtracked on myself and headed back into town where I bought her a birthday card in which I wrote a jokey comment about beauty coming with age and since I was older than her, I had obtained more beauty. I put a smiley face with a tongue sticking out of it next to the comment so that she could tell I was joking even though I knew she would probably be able to tell even with out the giveaway.

After my trip to the card shop I headed to Plume Shopping Centre and to the Pandora Shop which is located right in the centre. Despite knowing full well that Cara would not like me to spend loads of money on her birthday, i couldn't help it when I spotted a beautiful Pandora bracelet in sterling silver with a green enamel flower design which I just knew would look beautiful on her.

Pleased with my purchases I headed home to wrap up the bracelet and was looking forward to seeing Cara so much now. Even if she would be showing off her beautiful brown tan.

The next day, I was woken up around half nine by a text message from Cara, I picked up my phone blearily and read it, my eyes squinting slightly as I wasn't used to the light just yet.

What time and where are we meeting? C x

I quickly punched a reply into my phone, suggesting we meet at the Costa in town in an hour for a hot drink and a catchup before rolling slowly out of the comfortable makeshift cucoon I had made with my duvet. 

An hour later the smell of fresh coffee filled my nostrils as i entered Costa or as I had always nicknamed it Cost-a-fortune. God only knows why I chose to meet here. Cara was sitting at a nearby table, a steaming hot drink fresh in her hands with a large portion of whipped cream on top which made me guess that she had bought a hot chocolate.

I went to the counter and bought myself a cup of tea and a slice of fudge cake which I had spotted from the doorway and went to sit down next to Cara, who had indeed acquired a nice sun tan despite only being in Italy a week.

"Hey, how was your holiday?" I said sitting down and smiling at Cara.

"It was absolutely AMAZING!" she enthused, "I wish we could have gone for longer!"

"But you didn't because you knew you would miss me too much. I'm touched!" I joked, giggling and taking a slurp of tea.

"Haha, Naaaaa, you never even crossed my mind" Cara joked back, "Anyway, if i had stayed any longer mum would have killed me!"

"Why?" I asked, taking a bite of fudge cake, which tasted as nice as it looked so i offered a bit to Cara who shook her head.

"Well its my birthday in a week isn't it, and mum wants to be with me to celebrate and she can't do that when I am in Italy can she."

"Suppose not. Speaking of birthday, I have got your present and I want you to have it early because I am dying to see your reaction to it!" I said excitedly, grabbing my bag and pulling out the neatly wrapped box which the necklace was wrapped in and the card which I thrust at Cara.

"Open it!"

The End

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