Anna: One and Only ViewingMature

I entered the stuffy, air conditioned offices of Pitcher Properties at a run, the smell made me feel slightly nauseous but I ignored it. I caught the eye of a middle aged woman with neatly clipped back blonde hair and glasses, who smiled at me.

“Can I help you at all miss?” she asked in the same professional voice I had heard over the phone half an hour earlier.

“Um yes, I have a viewing to see a flat; I was rung up about half an hour ago? Annabella Hawman” I said feeling slightly nervous. A wave of nerves had crept over me as I had gone to talk to this lady in front of a computer and I had no idea why. Maybe it was the fact that in all my life, I had never had to sort something as big as finding somewhere to live before now.

The lady, whose name badge read Emma, typed something onto her computer, pressed enter and then looked up at me, “Yes we have you booked in Miss Hawman, if you would just take a seat and I will be with you shortly. You are viewing Flat Twenty Eight Willow Street, am I right?”

I nodded and she gestured for me to take a seat on one of the extremely comfortable leather covered sofas which were by the window. There was an array of magazines, flyers and booklets all about finding the right home spread out on the table in front of me and one particular title caught my eye, standing out from the rest. It was entitled, ‘Your Home Is a True Reflection of Your Personality’

I picked up the magazine and flicked to the pages indicated, found the small piece and read,

The only person to know the real you is you, why should it only be you?  Your new home is an empty shell and it needs you to make it unique. Allow all the creativity inside you to come alive and turn your house into a home. Allow your imagination to run wild and transform your home into something worth coming back to. Its your home and your choice how you design it.

I smiled as I read it as it was just so true, the home was a reflection of a person’s personality and now that I would hopefully be getting a flat to myself I could design it the way I wanted.

The lady Emma came over to me, her jacket on and her car keys in her hand, she smiled at me as I got to my feet and then proceeded to lead me outside and towards the small blue mini which was parked in the corner of the car park.


I noticed that the flat was about a minutes walk from the library as we pulled into a parking space, the library was literally just on the other side of the road from the flat.

“If you would like to follow me” Emma said, maintaining the efficient air in her voice as she lead me past the entrance to the shop, which looked to be the local corner shop, selling everything from bread and milk to stamps and birthday cards. I figured that being above a shop may have its advantages after all. Emma led me around the side of the shop and we stopped outside a door with a telephone by the side of it with a button labelled Flat Twenty Eight.

Emma pulled a key from her pocket and unlocked the door the reveal a flight of stairs which I guessed led up to the flat. They were quite steep stairs too.

The door at the top of the stairs was opened and the flat was revealed, mirroring all the pictures I had seen online. It was beautiful. There was a small corridor with rooms coming off it leading to a bedroom, a bathroom and at the end off the corridor was a combined living room and kitchen with a wide window looking out over the town.

“What do you think?” Emma asked, giving me a wide smile,

“Yes, yes I LOVE it!” I said jumping up and down.

“Okay, well if you come to the offices with me we can sort out the contracts”

The End

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