Anna: No Rest For The WickedMature

I inhaled the fresh air from outside the hospital exuberantly – I was glad to finally be out. The sun was creeping it’s was through the layer of clouds which was trying to cover the sky and the small rays of sunlight which penetrated was enough to warm me. Truth be told, I would have been happy even if it had been raining, even if it had been the worst weather imaginable, the fact that I was finally out of hospital made the weather of little significance to me.

I waved down a taxi to take me home, I had too much stuff for me to walk back and Cara was in Italy so I couldn’t ask her to help, but I promised that I would message her on facebook to let her know that I was home.

“Cheers,” I said thanking the taxi driver as I handed him four pounds through the window before carting my bags along the footpath towards the flat. The key clicked in the lock and allowed me entrance to the flat, which in my absence had become covered in a layer of dust, enough dust to allow me to write “Clean Me” with my finger. I wrinkled my nose at the mess and at the smell coming from the kitchen where the bin, which had been left for god knows how long was giving off the most awful smell imaginable.

Before I unpacked it became clear to me that I needed to make the flat habitable again as I still needed to live in it until the next academic year. I put down my bags and got to work cleaning the house – despite not knowing where to start as everywhere was so messy.

I flopped down on the sofa two and a half hours later, after blitzing the entire flat and now I was exhausted. I sunk down lower into the sofa and vowed I wouldn’t move for the rest of the day (for fear of making a mess) so pulled out my laptop and messaged Cara to let her know I was back.


To – Cara Gramms

From – Annabella Hawman

Hey Cara,

Hope you and Sam are enjoying Italy, I am so envious! I bet its mega hot there and think of all those hot Italians! Just to let you know that I am out of hospital now. Just had to clean the entire flat because it got messy in my absence. Anyway See you when you return (Probably showing off your tan :P)

Anna xx


I pressed the send button and then closed down facebook, knowing that Cara wouldn’t reply any time soon as she would be having too much fun. I knew I should probably unpack now that the flat was clean again but if truth be told I couldn’t be bothered.  I pulled my feet up onto the couch and tucked them underneath me and was just about to settle down and watch some well earned crap tv when my mobile buzzed.


“Hello Miss Hawman Its Pitcher Properties here, just to remind you of the viewing you booked to see Flat Twenty Eight Willow Street today. When can we expect you?” A polite woman with a professional edge to her voice asked.

“An hours time?” I asked, slapping my forehead as punishment for forgetting.

“Perfect, we shall see you then!”

I put the phone down and pulled myself slowly from the comfort of my sofa to go and get changed into something more appropriate.

“No rest for the wicked as they say” I muttered.

The End

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