Cara: Sunny ItalyMature

Our flight passed smoothly and I was soon carrying my bag and wheeling my suitcase in to a beautiful little stone walled hotel. Sam appeared behind me, her suitcase in hand and her laptop bag swinging from her shoulder.

"I have a room for Kensington." She said to the man at the desk who clicked a few buttons on the computer and nodded.

"If you could just sign in Miss Kensington. And here is your room key."

"Thank you."

We had someone carry our luggage up and as soon as they'd gone I leapt on her.

"We're in Italy! ITALY! I love this, thank you, thank you, thank you!"

"Mmm, no problem. And thank you, I doubt this would be quite as bearable if you weren't here."

"But it's Italy..."

"And clients and sellers hounding me..."

"I'll fend them off."

"My hero." She  laughed. I kissed her and entangled my hands in her hair. "My very sexy hero..." She added as I released her lips. I laughed and untangled myself from her.

"I should probably have a shower. Your sexy hero is also a little smelly from the flight."

"I'll join you."

"What you're suggesting will not involve us getting clean for a while will it?"

"We can get clean..." She responded innocently.

"Well what are you waiting for?" I chuckled, untying the halterneck strap that held my new summer dress up and letting it fall to the floor. "Let's have a shower."

She laughed and scooped me up so I had to steady myself by wrapping my arms and legs around her again. She carried me like that in to the bathroom and I ran my fingers through her hair as she did it.

"Problem..." She muttered. I turned my head and found we only had a bath.

"Not really." I grinned cheekily. She laughed and leaned down, turning the taps on.

"So what are we going to do while that runs?"

"Oh, I can think of a whole bundle of things." I teased.


We lay on the bed, basking in orange light from the setting sun. I trailed my lips along her skin, marvelling at its perfection.

"I love you." She muttered, looking away from our entwined fingers and receiving a kiss on the lips.

"I love you too. Maybe we should get some sleep? I want to go sightseeing tomorrow."

"Can't we relax at the pool on our first day?" She moaned. "You'll have jet lag."

"Lazy. Ok. But sightseeing on Monday."

"Ok. Now, let me make you moan one more time before we go get some dinner. This hotel's restaurant is excellent."

"So romantic." I said sarcastically.

"I could buy you roses if that would make it better."

"No. I like it. I like you."

"I should hope so." She laughed. "Now, where were we?"


We ate delicious Italian food in the restaurant, laughing when neither of us could eat the pasta as elegantly as we would like.

"You have sauce on your chin." Sam laughed. "Here." She leaned across the table and kissed my chin gently, her tongue trailing lightly over my skin. Something about that was so intense... Mmmm.

"Can we go to our room now?" I asked slyly.

"Italy does things to you." She chuckled bewildered.

"I'm not so sure it's Italy. I'm pretty sure it's all you." I gently rubbed my leg against hers under the table and she stilled.


"Ssh." I winked and continued to rub her leg.

She groaned quietly and put her hand up. A waiter hurried over.

"Yes Miss?"

"I need the bill." She said, her eyes never leaving me. The waiter hurried off and I grinned and rubbed a little higher. She caught my foot and held it still, glaring provocatively. "I'm going to make you regret this." She whispered huskily.

"No you're not. My turn." I winked.

The End

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