Anna: Lengthy Conversations With A New FriendMature

I chatted to Megan all afternoon, and it turned out that we had a lot in common with each other. She was studying at the same university but she was in her final year studying a Criminology course and was hoping to go into the police force after university.

“It’s a bit different from what my parents do for a living that’s for sure - at least this is a bit more full time!”

“What do you mean? What do your parents do for a living?”

“My parents own a caravan and camping site in Somerset. Its where me and my brothers grew up. It's open at the moment but when late autumn rolls around they will have to shut until late spring.”

“Wow, owning your own caravan site sounds amazing Megan” I said enthusiastically, “I bet there was always people your age around to play.”

"There were for a week or two but then they would head home and I wouldn't see them again. There is a family that comes for two weeks each July with their daughter Lucy - they've been coming since me and Lucy were about eight years old. Great girl, good friend, but I only see her when she comes camping because she lives in Scotland."

“Sound so great!”

"In some aspects i suppose. I wasn't always playing with the visitors though"

"Why" I asked

“I needed to earn money so I made sure that I was never short of a few shifts in the campsite shop.” she said, “Only when my brothers weren’t taking all the shifts to earn money for their cars and cigarettes mind you.”

“Are you the youngest then?”

“Yeah, I’m the baby of the family. My oldest brother Luke is now thirty two years old and my other brother Christopher is twenty six. Both now married and Chris has a daughter aged 2 and a half called Teagan. Do you have any siblings?” she asked, interest covering her face.

“No, just me, mum and dad.” I said, thinking that I sounded really boring compared.



“I’d love to be an only child!”

“No you wouldn’t” I muttered, “It gets lonely sometimes - I never had anyone to look up to or play with. It was just me.”

“Honestly having brothers sucks! Not being able to join in their games because 'it's for boys' and being teased for being the youngest. The only positive was that because I was the only girl I never got into trouble even if it was my fault, and I never got any of their old things” she said half scowling and half smiling.

 “Does it feel good now that Luke and Christopher have both grown up and you’re living away from home?” I asked.

“Yeah, it’s nice to feel independent for once and not like I am the vulnerable baby of the family!”


“Totally sucks!” Megan agreed and then we both laughed.


I packed my things up the next morning, so glad to be out and with no intention of finding my way back here any time soon. To this Katy had insisted on giving me one final check over (probably because of Cara), but I insisted that I was fine and told her to stop fussing.

"I hope I'll see you in university sometime," Megan said with a smile - she seemed disappointed that I was leaving her, probably because I would help make being in hospital bearable. I was kind of disappointed too - she seemed really nice

“Hey do you have facebook?” I asked grabbing my phone.


“I’ll add you”.

"Okay cool - best search my email or else you won't find me. It's," she said smiling happily at me as I searched for her. I sat on her bed so she could see my phone as it found the only person on Facebook with that email. The picture was of a woman with long dark hair - tied back - big brown eyes and a wide smile."

“Yep that’s me!” she said and I hit the add friend button.

“Do you want my mobile number too? Maybe then we can text and meet up for a cuppa when I am out?” Megan suggested hopefully.

“Yeah sounds like a plan,” I said tapping the ‘add contact’ button and typing in her details.

“Right ready”.

She gave me her number and I pressed the dial button. A moment later Megan's phone began to vibrate on the bedside cabinet. "That's just me ringing you so you have my number," I said as she grabbed her phone.

She smiled at me then looked down at her phone to add my number.

“Right, I’ll see you round Megan” I said grinning at her as I left the ward.

The End

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