Anna: Meeting Megan WarwickMature

“I’ll be fine Cara, go on you don’t want to miss your flight!” I said pulling out of a tight embrace, “By the time you get back things will be back to normal, have a great holiday”

“I will Anna, I’ll send you a post card…”

“If you remember, knowing you, you will become too busy sunning yourself and getting tanned to write” I said and she let slip a coy smile

“Yeah probably” she said before turning and heading towards the door.

She stopped at the door, looked back waved and smiled, a genuine smile, one I don’t think she’d smiled in a long time towards me. Although she had felt guilty afterwards, her venting had released her bottled emotions and calmed her down and now I knew the extent of the damage. Maybe her holiday would relax her further I pondered.


The afternoon snailed by with nothing exciting happening, the grumpy old codger who had been opposite me and who had been making loud remarks all day about how me and my visitors were disruptive and “no wonder everyone is still ill, with the amount of racket going on,” finally packed his bags and went home. This did wonders in calming the earache he had caused with ever snide comment he had thrown in my direction.

Katy was doing her rounds as usual, handing out various medications to the people in the beds around me and adjusting various medical equipment. After she had made the now vacant bed of the grumpy man she walked over to me smiling.

“You look happy” I said,

“You’ll be happy in a moment” she chirped happily smiling broadly at me,

“What is it?” I asked quizzically,

“Well, I have spoken to the doctor who has assessed your case and we have agreed that after one more night we think that after one more night for observation  you will be well enough to be discharged.”

“Really Katy, that’s brilliant! I’m at my wits end here.”

“Well when you do go home, I don’t want to end up looking after you again mrs!” she said giving me a stern look but smiling at the same time.

“I promise I wont, but you know what I could do with right now?” I said giving Katy a cheeky smile



Katy laughed.


I was still bored but now that my stomach was full and the prospect of leaving tomorrow made me less likely to climb the walls. I had posted in capital letters on my facebook that tomorrow I’d be free and had gained half a dozen likes, one of which from Cara (who I guessed must have been checking facebook from her phone as she would no doubt be on the plane by now.)

The bed opposite me had once again been filled again by a woman who looked just slightly older than me, about twenty two at a guess, and who was relaxing in the bed after coming back from theatre. Twenty minutes previously she had looked a bit out of it which was to be expected after coming out of theatre but now she seemed okay, and she looked mega bored.

I climbed out of my bed and walked over, sitting myself down on the chair next to the bed, she looked a bit taken aback at first but then calmed when I said cheerily,

“Hey, I’m Anna Hawman, What’s your name?”

“Megan Warwick” she said with a smile, “What are you in here for?” she asked.

I lingered for a moment, wondering whether or not to say but then decided on the truth. “Malnutrition, I’m not proud of it. You?”


“Ouch” I said wincing, “Heard that can be pretty painful.”

“Excruciatingly painful, just had my appendix taken out. I was in the middle of doing my shopping when the pain started to get worse; I hadn’t thought much of it up until that point until it became unbearable and then I was brought here.”

“Oh well, I hope your okay now”

“I’m a tough cookie, I’ll be reet” she said smiling.  

The End

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