Cara: Sam's PhoneMature

"You cooked?" Sam said, smiling, as she came in and I pulled the dish from the oven.

"It's a hobby."

"I didn't know that." She frowned slightly, accepting my kiss when I'd put the dish down.

"I like to surprise people. Besides, it's about time I started pulling my weight around here."

"You tidied too." She noticed, looking around. "When did you become a domestic goddess?"

"Well, we're going away, and I thought it would  be nice if we came back to a tidy house. Plus I wanted to thank you for the last few weeks. They've been amazing."

"They have." She agreed. "So, what did my housewife make me for dinner?" She joked, peering at the dish.

"Lasagne, extra cheese."

"I love cheese."

"I know. You're a very cheesy person." She slapped my bum gently and ducked as I tried to swat her away with the oven gloves. "No touching my ass. I have to prep the salad."

"I love it when you boss me around." She laughed.

"You're in a good mood." I commented as I chopped tomatoes and she began to lay the table.

"We're going on holiday, my girfriend's cooked for me, cleaned for me, and the business is in safe hands. I pretty much have nothing to complain about."

"Good. Although don't get used to it. I'm not turning all 'housewife' on you."

"Shame."She winked and poured two glasses of red wine. I laughed and carried the bowl of salad to the circular table that graced the middle of the kitchen. 

"Alright, that's everything. Dig in."

"No garlic bread?" She joked. 

"Shoot."I hurried over to the oven and pulled out the garlic bread. "Thanks for the reminder."

She stared at me and laughed incredulous.

"You really are perfect."

"I'm no where near, but I'm a good cook."

"That's pretty much perfect anyway." She grinned and moved her glass so I could put the bread down. We tucked in and she began praising my food.

"Oh my god Cara, why do we waste time eating out?"

I chuckled and shook my head.

"You should have seen the mess before I tidied. I swear I used way too many bowls and saucepans..."

"Worth it." She grinned. Her phone buzzed on the table, and she glanced at it. "Katy?" She frowned and I encouraged her to pick it up. "Hello?... Hi... Anna? Sure, I'll tell her... Ok... Thanks Katy." She hung up and turned to me. "Katy says Anna had a nightmare about you, and she wants to know if you'll visit again tomorrow."

"A nightmare? I mean I'll try, but I have to buy some more stuff and..."

"... Cara just go. You know you will. Now, food." We ate for a few more moments.

"Oh, I was wondering if you'd mind Katy coming to my birthday evening? I thought I'd better check." I added. Sam frowned.

"Katy? Why?"

"She's just been a star, and between you and me, I'm kind of hoping she'll keep Anna distracted. I don't want her just sitting there... you know." I felt awful saying it but Sam nodded.

"Sure. If you want."

"Ok. Thanks."

We continued eating until we'd finished.

"That was gorgeous. Thank you Cara."

"No problem." I stole a kiss as I went to her side and picked up the plate.

"No, I'll do it. You've done enough."

I went to argue but she stopped me with a kiss and stole the plate from me. I curled on the sofa and watched as she washed the pots. Something about the simplicity of the evening made me smile. I was content. I was happy.

The End

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