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I sipped my hot chocolate and eyed my mum over the rim of the cup. She was grinning at Anna and tucking her covers in. What had happened between us to make everything so on edge? Although lunch had gone well I still felt that uncomfortable tone that meant something was wrong. And I knew what it was. My mum didn't like me being gay - she was trying her hardest to be the best she could be in the circumstance, but she wasn't happy. At all.

But I hoped she liked Sam for who she was now.

"I have to go soon - I have to catch my train. But you look after yourself ok Anna?" My mum said, fussing.

"Of course Mrs Gramms, I always look after myself."

I almost choked on my drink at this point. She was in hospital because she'd starved herself. She did NOT always look after herself.

Anna shot a quick glance at me and I feigned that I was ok.

"I'd better walk my mum to the station Anna. And I'll be packing tomorrow, so I guess I'll have to see you when we get back. We'll be doing something for my birthday I guess..."

"Of course! I can plan a whole big party and we can go out..." Anna started up excited.

"Um... look I don't want to do anything big. I just want to go to a bar, and hang out with everyone. Maybe go to the Fringe and have a dance. But I don't want a massive thing, you know that's not my style."

She looked disappointed.

"But I could be planning it while you were away."

"I think I'll plan it when I get back. I'll just set the date - probably the night before my birthday. And tell everyone to be free. Mum's coming up for my birthday aren't you?" I pointed to her, wanting to move from the conversation.

"Yes, although I don't know why you won't come home."

"I'll be home soon after for a visit. But I think I'll work better here."

"But it's your summer holidays!"

"I still have a load of reading mum."

I heard her mutter something about Sam but ignored it.

"Ok well I guess have a fun holiday?" Anna said, looking downcast.

"Yeah, thanks Anna. I'll message you on facebook. Don't want to run my phone bill up!" I grinned. I gave her a quick hug, which still felt a little uncomfortable with everything that had passed between us, and we left with another goodbye.

I saw Katy in the corridor.

"Hey." I smiled warmly.

"Hey." She greeted me, a big smile growing on her face. "How are you now?"

"Better thank you. This is my mum, mum this is Katy. This is the second time she's had to look after Anna."

My mum murmured a 'nice to meet you' before telling me she'd meet me outside - she needed the toilet. When she'd left Katy let out a breath.

"So you two are ok now?"

"Yeah, sort of."

"And you and Anna? Don't mean to be nosy or anything..." I laughed.

"No it's ok. Yeah we're ok. It's a bit weird - well for me - but yeah. Which reminds me, you've been so nice, and helpful, and I'm having my birthday party after Sam and I come back from holiday, so would you like to come? I mean I know you don't know me well, but you and Sam seem to still get along..."

"Wow. Um, yeah, I'd love to." She grinned, biting her lip slightly. "Are you sure Sam would be ok?"

"Yeah sure. I'll ask her. But I have your number, so I'll text you ok? And um, thanks again."

"No problem. Enjoy your holiday!" She grinned and we said goodbye before she headed in to Anna's room.

I headed out to meet my mum and we headed for the train station.

"Well have a good holiday."

"Thanks mum."

"Be good."

"I'm always good."

She pursed her lips.

"Cara... be careful."


"Ok I get it. Now give me a hug."

I hugged her and wished her a safe journey, then she headed through the barriers to the platform, and I headed home to Sam.

The End

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