Anna: Subtle HintMature

I'd finished my soup and the nurse called Katy had sorted me out with various meds for the night, so now it was just a case of finding something to occupy me until I felt tired and decided to go to sleep. Nothing was on tv, I looked and then double checked about half an hour later but there was nothing but crap being showed so I resorted to my laptop again.

My mum was signed onto facebook which was a rarity so I decided to chat to her since I hadn’t seen her in ages and she would probably be wondering how I was.

“Hey mum, how are you?”

“Hey love, yeah I am fine thanks. More importantly how are you?”

“I’m okay mum, I should be out soon and hopefully I might have found accommodation for next year which I will get to look at!”

“That’s excellent hunni, let me know what its like and whether you are going to put your name on it, is it a house or flat?”

“Studio Flat… The pictures make it look lovely”

“If you want it, when would you move in?”

“I think its negotiable, it might be easier to move in the moment the contract on this flat runs out in a few weeks and then come home for a few weeks in the summer.”

“Sounds ideal love, keep me and your father updated and we will hopefully see you soon X”

“Yeah see you soon, anyway I have got to go mum as it looks like I have a visitor”

The door to the ward had just opened and Cara and her mum had just entered the ward

“Bye love.”

I closed my laptop lid and placed it gently onto the floor before smiling warmly at Cara as she neared my bed.

“Twice in one day, must be my lucky day” I said with a small laugh, she gave me a small smile, obviously unsure as to whether I was being sarcastic enough or not. I tried to tell her without words that I wasn’t saying that to be mean but that I was genuinely happy to see her.

“How are you feeling Anna love?” Cara’s mum asked, also reaching the bed and smiling down at me.

“Yeah I’m fine thanks, listen I hope you don’t mind but could I just have a quick word with Cara privately please.” I said feeling awkward as I said it because Cara’s mum had just settled herself in the seat by my bed.

“No problem my dear, I’ll be outside Cara” she said getting up and leaving the room whilst Cara gave me a quizzical look.


“I’ve been doing a lot of thinking whilst I have been in here and have decided on a few things I need to do. Things to better things between you and me.”

“Like what?” she asked

“Just changes Cara. Things are still awkward between us, I can sense it, you can sense it and I don’t like it anymore. I want things to be alright between us again” I said struggling to swallow a lump which had formed in my throat.

I guessed that Cara could tell that I was trying not to cry as she wrapped an arm around me and pulled me close to her, which is when I let the suppressed sob escape my mouth.

“Things will be alright between us Anna, lets just forget this whole thing and move on as best friends” she said kissing the top of my head.

I pulled away slightly to look at her, “Do you remember when we were younger and I had a blog and you use to comment on everything I posted whether it was silly rubbish or deep and meaningful?” I asked her.

“Yeah, what about it?” she asked confused at my sudden change of conversation.

“That was fun and special and just great.” I said hoping that she would get my subtle hint to go onto my blog and read it. I wanted her to understand by reading my blog that I was going to change things for the better and that she doesn’t have to worry anymore about me sticking my nose into her relationship and screwing with her head. I needed her to understand that.

She looked at me confused for a moment and then smiled, “Yeah that was fun …” she murmured.

Then her mum walked back onto the ward carrying 3 steaming cups of something, she reached us and said, “I saw you’d stopped talking …. I’ve bought us all a hot chocolate to drink!”

The End

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