Anna: Mrs Gramms FussingMature

The drip that had been pumping nutrition into my body had finally been removed during the day and I was now allowed to eat light food like soup and bread to ease my body back into the habit of eating, however i still had to wear it during the night. I was getting bored of being in hospital now especially since I had not seen Cara for a day because she was busy but at least i had my laptop which Cara had kindly brought in during her last visit. I knew that she would be busy what with her trip to Italy with Sam coming up and getting ready for that but I would have thought she would have made time in her schedule to come and see me. We had just made up after all!

I slumped down in the bed, sick of watching the lady who was visiting the man in the bed opposite feed him cut up pieces of sandwich. I instead resorted to my laptop where I had facebook on the screen. On my news feed a status written by Cara caught my attention,

‘Bikini or Swimsuit for my trip to Italy with the gorgeous @Sam Kensington – Can’t Wait!’

Various comments followed this, many of which said that Cara should definitely take a Bikini as it was bound to be hot weather. I had seen Cara’s bikini before when we had both gone swimming and I knew that she looked mega sexy in her bikini which showed off her curves and emphasised her breasts beautifully.

I clicked on the link to Sam’s profile and brought her profile picture up on the screen, it was on of her and Cara, her arm snaked around her waist pulling her closer to her. They were both wearing wide smiles and looked very happy.

The sound of the ward door opening and closing made me look up from my screen and a smile spread across my face as Cara entered to room but she wasn’t alone. My smile faltered somewhat when Sam entered the room but didn’t entirely leave my face as Cara’s mum was in tow.

I locked my laptop and placed it on the floor as Cara approached me,

“Hey how are you doing? You have a bit more colour in your cheeks” she said with a smile as she lowered herself into the seat next to my bed.

“What have you been doing to yourself Anna dear,” Cara’s mum asked tutting, “been in the wars?”

“Something like that…” I said glancing at Cara as I said it.

“Well I hope its nothing serious, I bet Cara here has been going out of her mind with worry, her best friend in hospital.” Cara give her mum a sheepish look as she said this but her mother didn't seem to notice.

“She’s been great…” I said smiling at Mrs Gramms.

“Still, not sure about her going gallivanting off to Italy with you in hospital, you need your best friend.”

“Honestly, I’m fine” I said covering Cara’s low and annoyed murmur of “mum.”

“Anyway, I should be out soon…”

“Already?” Sam cut in, speaking for the first time since they arrived.

“Yeah, the doctors say I am doing much better now and that I should be out by the end of the week.

“So potentially before Cara and Sam leave for their holiday then?” Cara’s mum asked.

“Yeah maybe…” I said and i swear out of my eye i saw Sam roll her eyes and slump her shoulders slightly in exasperation but i don't think anyone but me saw her. I don't think anyway.

The End

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