Cara: A VisitMature

"I should probably go and see Anna before we go." I muttered against Sam's skin, gently kissing her. She looked over her shoulder at me and nodded, smiling lightly.

"Ok. Today?"

"Well I left her on her own yesterday, and tomorrow I'll be packing, so yeah, today. But can we have lunch together? I know you have a lot to do in the gallery."

"Of course. Might have to be later though. Say one o'clock?"

"Sure." I kissed her gently and then rolled out of bed.

"Mmm do you have to leave?" She whispered, her lips tweaking in to that smile that made me weak.

"I'm going for a shower. You can join me if you'd like..." I winked. She rolled quickly out of bed.

"Lead the way."

The door bell rang.

"Damn. Who's that?" I muttered.

"Oh shit!" She exclaimed.


"Cara... your mum is coming today. That's her."

I groaned, all hopes of a shower with Sam slipping from my grasp.

"Crap. Forgot about that. Look you go and shower, and I'll get her a drink."

She kissed me nervously, and I pulled on some pants, leggings and a baggy jumper, and went to answer the door.

"Hey mum!" I grinned as I saw her standing there, smiling.

"Cara! Oh I've missed you." She hugged me on the doorstep and I grinned over her shoulder.

"Mum, cutting off my air supply here."

"Oops, sorry!" She released me and stepped back. "So, this is where you live now?"

"Yes mum, this is Sam's flat."

"And that gallery below?"

"Yes, that's her gallery."

"Ok ok, I'm not saying anything."

"Please behave mum. She's... important to me."

"I know. To think you actually found someone...."

I flinched. Yes, because my lack of interest in anyone had been such public knowledge when my mother got involved. I'd forgotten that.

"Come in. She's just having a shower. I'll get you a drink."

I made my mum a cup of tea and sat her down on the sofa. We chatted and after a while I heard the hairdryer going on. Sam was almost ready.

"Are you happy?" My mum asked.

"Of course."

"I don't want you going off with this woman to Italy Cara..."

"Mum, I'll be perfectly fine."

"But I don't even know her."

"But I do mum. And I love her. In every possible way, I love her."

My mum stared at me, and as the hairdryer stopped she nodded.



"Mrs Gramms, pleased to meet you. I'm Sam." She stuck her hand out and my mum shook it hesitantly.

"Nice to meet you too Sam. I hear you're taking my daughter to Italy."

I groaned and glared at her.


"What, just making friendly conversation. How old are you again Sam?"

"Mum seriously."

"Cara, it's alright. Your mum is just concerned. It's natural. Mrs Gramms I love your daughter, and she loves me. I plan to take her to Italy, show her the sights and bring her back in one piece. Oh and I'm twenty three, almost twenty four."

"And you've already got a successful business? Impressive. Did you do it all on your own?"

"Oh my god, mum, will you please stop interrogating her? I'm never going to get a shower in at this rate."

"It's alright Cara, your mother and I will be fine. Go and shower, you want to see Anna for a while before lunch don't you?"

"Yeah. Mum, we're going to see Anna in hospital if you don't mind."

"I'd love to Cara, but you know my knee acts up..."

"I'll drive you." Sam volunteered.

"Then yes, I'd love to." My mum said. "Anna is such a sweet, loving girl."

I nodded politely and rolled my eyes at Sam as I walked past her. She smiled and went to sit by my mother. I glanced nervously at them once more before heading for a shower.

The End

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