Anna: Flat Hunting From HospitalMature

I didn’t watch the film in the end, I was slightly irritated that yet again, despite making up she chose Sam again and that they were going on holiday together. At least my course had finished now so I didn’t feel quite as annoyed about being in hospital during term time as for me (and probably Cara) the academic year had ended until September.

I plugged my phone into my laptop and connected it up to my personal hotspot, allowing me to connect to the internet deciding that if I was stuck in hospital I may as well do something useful. Since the lease on the flat I had been renting with the others was due to run out soon, and there was no way I could continue leasing it without the others to contribute to the rent I decided to have a look online for a studio flat for next year.

There was quite a few available but most were out of my price range and didn’t include bills however one from a particular housing company specifically for students caught my eye. Newly furnished one bed studio flat, bills included right by the university. It sounded really nice, and the pictures added to its beauty. I flicked through them until I was shown one of the outside, my heart sank slightly as I spotted that it was by above a shop. Was that a downside? I questioned and then decided that it wasn’t necessarily that big a deal. The flat also looked to have a telephone door entry system which meant that at least it was secure and no-one could just walk in with me letting them in or having the key to the door.

I nodded and grabbed my mobile phone, intent on ringing the estate agents and booking a viewing for as soon as I could get out of hospital. The flat looked ideal!

The phone rung three times before a well spoken lady picked up the phone,

“Good afternoon, Pitcher Properties,”

“Yes, hello, my name is Anna Hawman and I have just been having a look at your website for accommodation for next year and I have found one I would like to view please?”

“Which property would that be?” she asked, I could hear her typing as she spoke

“Flat 28, Willow Street” I said eagerly, crossing my fingers under the bed linen, hoping against hope that it was still available.

“Okay and when would you like to view it? It’s had a lot of interest” the woman said,

“Well the thing is, I am currently in hospital but I should be out by next week hopefully, so how about next Friday?” I suggested, hoping that I was out of hospital by then.

“Okay I shall pencil you in for a viewing Miss Hawman. Is there anything else I can help you with?” she asked.

“One more thing actually, on your website it doesn’t show how much the rent is per week, is it….”

“Its negotiable” the woman cut it, “Depending on your finances,”

“Okay, and can the contact be extended or will I need to move out after my second year?” I enquired.

“The contract can be extended” the woman said.

“Excellent! Where shall I meet you next week?” I asked.

“Just come to our offices”

“Brilliant, Bye” I said smiling as I put the phone down.

 I closed my laptop lid, and sighed, now all I needed to do was get out of hospital.


“How long do you think I will be in here for?” I asked my doctor when she had come to see me to change my drip.

“Well we need to keep you on a drip overnight so you are currently on nil by mouth and then tomorrow we will start you off with light food and go from there. Normally people in your condition, who co-operate with us are out by the weeks end.”

I nodded, “That’s good!” I said laying back and allowing the nurse to reattach the drip. Some of the other people on the ward had family or friends sitting in the chairs surrounding the bed but I had told my parents not to come as I didn’t want them to see me in this condition and because I would be home for the summer before they knew it. They had reluctantly agreed to stay put as long as I rang them with any developments to my condition, however small. 

I was hoping however that Cara might come and visit me again, surely she would have had her ‘talk’ with Sam by now.

The End

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