Cara: StupidMature

"Two pounds each? Ok, that's alright."

"Will you be paying now?"

"No we'll come when we've finished in the gym."

"Alright, make sure you don't push yourself too much."

"Thanks I won't."

I took mine and Sam's bottles and headed back to the gym. It was so awkward having Anna there, but I was resolute in my decision to not back down; I had as much right as her to be there and it was her decision to separate us. I reached the door and stopped. Through the glass I could see Sam talking to her. She had her arm on Anna's shoulder, and Anna looked exhausted. Why was she pushing herself so hard? Anna climbed off the bike and stood unsteadily as they finished their conversation. I headed in, desperate to know if she was alright. She looked as white as a sheet. As I headed over she left Sam and headed off to the seats in the middle of the gym.

"What was that about?"

Sam looked after Anna in concern.

"She's pushing herself too much. She can hardly breathe; it's obvious. I doubt she's even eaten."

"Well we have to stop her. She'll do something stupid."

"I tried, but she won't listen. You might have to talk to her."

"Why would she listen to me?"

"Just because she says she doesn't want to be friends doesn't mean she doesn't feel for you still. She'll listen."

I nodded and headed over to Anna. She did look very unwell.

"Anna?" She looked up at me and I saw what Sam had said about the breathing. Oh you stupid girl Anna. "Anna you're working to hard."

"What did Sam say?"

"The same thing I'm thinking. That she's concerned because you look about ready to faint. When was the last time you ate?"

"Yesterday evening."

"You didn't have breakfast? Anna you know you're supposed to eat before the gym. How long have you been here?"

"About an hour and a half. Look go away Cara, I don't need your help. I'm a big girl."

I shook my head, angry.

"A big girl who makes stupid decisions."

She tried glaring at me, but obviously struggled.

"I'm going to get you some food. Stay there."

She looked like she would protest but I didn't give her a chance, turning on my heel and marching away.

"Is she listening?"

"Yes. I'm going to get her some food. Will you-"

"-Watch her? Of course." She kissed me gently and headed over to Anna.

I went to the vending machines outside and grabbed some bars and a packet of crisps. What the hell was she doing? Not eating, exercising herself in to the ground? Stupid, stupid, stupid.

When I returned Sam was kneeling at the side of Anna, who was slumped over. Shit now what?

"What's up with her?"

"She got a bit worked up. Didn't want me to look after her; said she was fine. We might have to get the first aider."

"You go. I'll get her to eat something."

She nodded and went, and I knelt in front of Anna.

"Anna, do you think you could eat something?"

"No." She whispered, staring at the food. "That stuff is bad for me."

"What's worse is starving yourself. You're obviously not eating properly. Eat something damn it!" I said angrily. She took one of the chocolate bars tentatively and opened it. She took and bite, and then another. "You're an idiot."

"What?" She looked startled and looked at me through bleary eyes that seemed too big for her face.

"You are an idiot. Not eating, exercising yourself to death, giving up on ou friendship just because I can't feel like you want me to..."

"Cara, I don't want to talk about it..."

"Yeah well too bloody bad." I muttered. She was stunned in to silence. "You gave up, not me. And now you're hurting yourself. And you know what? I still want to make sure you're ok. I'm still looking after you, like always."

"You chose Sam..."

"As a girlfriend. I chose you as a bestfriend. But you didn't let me have both. This is on you Anna. Look, it's probably best we don't talk about it now. You're run down, you need first aid treatment."

"I'm fine..."

"Damn it Anna! You are so far from fine!"

Sam appeared with the first aider and I stood back to let her examine Anna.

"When did you last eat?" Anna pointed to the bar of chocolate. "Before that?"

"Last night."

"How long have you been here."

"Hour and a half."

The first aider turned to me.

"You did right getting her food." She turned back to Anna. "How often are you exercising?"

"Every day."

"For how long."

"A couple of hours."

"How often do you eat?"

"Once, twice a day?"

The aider shook her head.

The End

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