Cara: GymMature

"We look ridiculous." Sam complained, staring down at the jogging bottoms as we paid our way in to the gym.

"Sam, you tore your joggers. You couldn't go running without them."

"Well I could..." She grinned.

"I wouldn't let you." I narrowed my eyes playfully.

"Yes ma'am." She saluted mockingly and jumped out of the way when I swiped at her.

"I'll get you." I muttered.

"Oh please, do try." She teased. Ever since I'd moved in she seemed so much more playful, happy. We saw each other in the mornings and evenings, but what with her working all day and me practicing with the band and dancing, we didn't see much of each other. She seemed to be making the most of the time we did have.

And it was only a week till our holiday. My course had finished, I'd handed in my assignments, and I was free. Although my mum was coming up tomorrow to meet Sam. I was terrified, although I didn't let on. She wasn't the biggest fan of my sexuality. But she was better than my dad at least.

"I'm going to the treadmill." Sam muttered, kissing my hair.

"See you later." I squeezed her hand before I released it. I took to the rowing machines- they always warmed me up perfectly. I kept glancing over at Sam, sneaking looks at her as she jogged because it made her breasts and bum move in that way... I shook my head with a grin and concentrated on rowing. When I'd finished Sam was still running, and I could see she had worked up a sweat.

"You're working hard." I grinned, reaching her. She slowed the machine down and smiled.

"I have to. You have way more stamina than me."

"That's true." I winked.

"Cheeky. I seem to remember someone being tired last night..."

"I had been dancing for five hours, and rehearsed with the guys."

"Mmm. Maybe we need to build up your stamina then..." She turned off the machine and picked up her bottle. "Someone's left their ipod here."

"Just leave it, they'll come back."

"I'll hand it in." She smiled, taking it up. She climbed off the machine and headed over to the desk. I headed for a bike, one of the machines facing the entrance, and climbed on. As I started up, Sam reached the desk and started talking to the person there. And the door opened. Anna.

My world swam momentarily and I had to stop cycling. She'd lost weight I realised, and some of her curves had disappeared in the process. She looked... well she looked a little too thin. Did I do that? I wondered. Is that because of me. She headed over to the machine Sam had just left, climbed up and looked down. Then she glanced over at the desk. The ipod! It was hers! I knew that Sam would see her if she turned around, because Anna was now walking towards her purposefully. My body felt like it was being turned to stone. Sam turned. She noticed Anna, and I saw her stiffen. I wished everyone around me would stop, I wished the music wasn't on. Sam opened her mouth and spoke. Anna replied. I stumbled off the machine and headed over, unable to keep away.

"I just handed it in. How're you doing?"

"Good, no thanks to you." Anna pushed past Sam and began to talk to the person behind the desk. Sam paused, bracing herself, and then turned around to walk away. We stared at each other. I knew I looked startled, like a rabbit in a headlight. She came over and cupped my face with her hands, murmuring reassurance.

"Cara, let's just get back to exercising."

I continued to stare at her, then Anna. God I looked stupid! But she was there, so thin, and it was my fault. Because I didn't love her. But... but she'd turned me away. I shook my head mentally to clear it and nodded to Sam. But as we were going Anna turned, ipod in hand. She caught my eye.

The End

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