Anna: Empty HouseMature

It was the moment that Ali and Liam walked out the door early the following morning that I felt that the whole world was pointless. I hadn’t slept a wink the night before, tossing and turning and wishing that things had worked out different. Wishing that I didn’t love Cara and that she was just my best friend but I couldn’t just turn off my feelings for her.

I was standing in the kitchen when Ali and Liam came out of their rooms suitcases packed and a solemn look mirrored on both of their faces. They didn’t say a word to me; they just left, shutting the door with a resounding bang behind them. It was then I let the tears fall thick and fast. I couldn’t stop them, everything was destroyed.

I wandered back upstairs and locked my bedroom door, I flopped down on my bed and stayed there, going through old pictures on my mobile of Cara and me until my phone decided to die and I had to plug it in. I couldn’t see the point of doing anything anymore, my world felt suddenly empty.  

The remainder of my lectures and seminars had been cancelled for the rest of the week as it was so close to the Easter holidays, but I had a final lecture at 2:30 that afternoon which I did not attend. I didn’t go mainly because it was a waste of an hour anyway as all we did was talk about how psychology can be applied in the real world but mostly because I didn’t want to go. Instead I just laid in my bed and stared up at the blank ceiling.

My phone buzzed at some point during the afternoon, I didn’t have my watch on so I wasn’t aware of the time but I grabbed my phone eagerly to see who it was. It was Cara. Curious I opened the text and read and my heart sunk with each word.

“I will pick up my things at 5pm today, if you are in please don’t talk to me, I have nothing to say to you. If you were out that would be even better. Cara”

The first thing I noticed about this text was that there was no kisses at the end, maybe to prevent me from getting the wrong idea, secondly it was short and to the point with a full stop at the end which proved that she was not happy with me.  I wondered whether I should reply or not but I decided against it, the text she sent didn’t seem to warrant a reply. Instead I locked my phone and placed it back on my bedside table.


What seemed an age later, the front door clicked open and footsteps could be heard, I checked my phone and sure enough it was 5pm.

“Looks like she took note of your text Cara” Sam’s voice said, her voice echoed across the halls and through the crack underneath my door.

“Either that or staying out of my way. Anna? You here?” she called  and I kept perfectly quiet even though she could probably tell if I was in by the light coming from underneath my bedroom door. I darted out of bed and flicked off my bedroom light. Had she seen?

“Does it matter if she is here?” Sam asked.

“No but I just want to check, it seems awfully quiet here don’t you think?”

“Yeah, where are the others?” Sam asked.

“Not sure. Ali? Liam?”  Cara called, and received no response.

“They're not here. Hang on, I’ll just check Ali’s room” Cara said and I heard her voice fade.

“All her stuff is gone!” I heard her shout,

“Yeah and Liam’s” Sam said.

“Right, can you make a start on packing, I am just going to knock on Anna’s door, I have a suspicion that she is the only one living here now.”  Cara said.

Footsteps heading towards my bedroom could be heard and I kept deadly quiet and as still as a board not allowing even a breath to escape my mouth.

“Anna? Are you in there, I want to talk to you. Where are Ali and Liam?” I didn’t reply

The End

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