Anna: Shattered Friendship, Shattered HeartMature

I stared at her for a few moments, deciding inside my head what I was going to say to her, if I said that the ultimatum was serious and that I wasn’t bluffing she would have to choose either me or Sam and I was under no doubts as to who she would choose. If however I said the ultimatum was a bluff and it was just to put the frighteners on, our friendship would go back to how it was. Awkward.

I didn’t know if I could deal with that. Either way it looked as though I had lost.

I looked into her brown eyes as she stared unblinkingly at me; tears seemed to be forming unshed inside her eyes as she waited uncertainly for my response.

I sighed and said finally, "I was quite clear in my ultimatum Cara, I am unable to see any sort of bond, friendship or otherwise while you are with Sam. She has changed you into a stranger in my eyes and I cant deal with the woman I love rejecting me for a woman who has pulled you so far away from your friends." I turned around so I wasn’t facing her, arms folded and face solemn, I knew I had done what was best. Despite it being at the cost of losing a friendship which had been moulded throughout the years.

I closed my eyes and waited for Cara to speak through her fresh sobs, she had allowed the tears she had been holding back to fall onto her cheeks. “Well if that how you feel, I have made up my mind.”

“Here goes,” I muttered.

“I choose you….”

I spun around on the spot at look at Cara, she gave me a soft smile as she repeated, “I choose you Anna,”

“Really?” I asked sceptically but happy at the same time, “You really choose me?”

“I couldn’t loose your friendship, I cherish it too much, and love you too much to loose.”

I rushed towards her; she was so beautiful even when she was crying, I wiped a tear which was coursing its way down her cheek before pressing my lips firmly against hers. Her lips tasted of raspberries and I inhaled the smell of her silky brown hair which made me feel in that moment so content with the world.

That was until I was snapped out my daydream by Cara’s voice,

“Did you hear what I said?” Cara’s voice rung out and I turned around on the spot. Cara was still standing across the room from me, tears slipping from her eyes and now and then a stifled sob would escape.

“I said, I am so sorry Anna but I choose Sam.”

She turned on her heal and walked out of the kitchen, passing Ali and Liam who try to stop her and ask her where she was going but she just shook them off. The door clicked shut and Cara had just walked out on my life for good.

I figured that she, or Sam would be back for her things at some point but they would no doubt wait until I was at a lecture to do so. Cara knew my timetable better than her own.

Ali and Liam came marching into the kitchen, staring daggers at me.

“You had the chance to take back the ultimatum but you were just too selfish and stupid to realise what you would loose. Well now it’s too late and its gone. Well fucking done!” Liam spat clapping his hands sarcastically and scowling at me.

“I can’t live in a house without Cara, can you Liam?” Ali asked, also scowling at me.”

“No, she’s like my best mate, and without her here it’s awful, at its all your fault!” he said rounding on me as I sunk into one of the kitchen chairs.

“I’m sorry.” I said, not knowing what else to say.

“Too late.” He turned to face Ali, “Get some stuff packed Ali, Jak has a few spare rooms and I know he wont mind us crashing there I will ring him tonight and ask if we can stay, plus he has a huge basement for band practice and his place is closer to Pieces and the uni!” he said and Ali nodded.

Before I could get to grips with loosing Cara to Sam I had to come to terms with Ali and Liam leaving the next day too. Leaving me in an empty house. All alone.

The End

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