Anna: HostilityMature

The anger was pulsing out of me, I felt angry yet corrupt at the same time lost without my best friend yet I knew that what I had done had been necessary. I spent about an hour walking around a park in town trying to calm myself down and it was only when the air was causing goose pimples to ripple across my bare arms that I decided to make my way back to the flat. And hope that Cara wasn’t there, I couldn’t take another argument.

I turned the handle of the front door carefully and quietly and walked in and the heat emanating from the radiators hit me, instantly heating my cold skin. I wandered into the kitchen and flicked the switch on the kettle after checking that it had sufficient water.

I leaned on the radiator nearby as I waited for the kettle, going over everything in my mind. To think we had a lovely time shopping and now the friendship I’d had with Cara for so long had tumbled like a game of Jenga to the hard stone floor and smashed into un-repairable pieces before my very eyes.

Liam walking into the kitchen as I was in my own little world and snapped me from it by clearing his throat noisily.

“Did you manage to sort out things between you and Cara then, I never got to ask before as you seemed busy with that Amy girl?”

“Sorry what?”

“you went and spoke to Sam about not being a threat, are you and Cara cool now then?” he asked again.

“Not really Liam, its very complicated.” I said simply, however knowing Liam so well I knew he was like a dog with a bone and wouldn’t give in until he knew what was going on. He raised his eyebrows at me and sat himself down in a chair opposite me.”

“What’s happened?” he questioned.

I slid down the radiator so that I was sitting on the floor, “I don’t know Cara anymore, she is not the girl who I used to call my best friend and that’s because of Sam.”

“Oh Anna, you have to stop this! Cara has been so happy with Sam, why are you intent on destroying that! Cant you just accept that she doesn’t love you and that she is quite happy with Sam!”

Ali walked into the kitchen at that very second and rushed to my side, “Hey whats going on here Liam!”

“Anna has been messing in Cara and Sam’s relationship again, I am just telling her that she needs to stop this before it gets serious. Before she looses Cara’s friendship forever!” Liam spat.

I got to my feet, anger boiling inside me at the words, “I think you will find Liam that I have already said to Cara how I feel about everything and she know that I cant emotionally bear to know her when she is with Sam. So you have been beaten to the post there” I said in a deadly whisper, glaring daggers at Liam.

“You…. You made her choose…” Ali said stepping back from me with a shocked look on her face,

“No, I just told her how I feel” I said.

“No, you have put her in an awful situation Anna, how low can you sink…” Liam said before leaving the room. Ali looked at me, shook her head and followed Liam out of the room without a backward glance at me.

I sighed and sunk to the floor but did not cry. Crying was for the weak and I had promised myself that I wouldn’t be weak any longer.

The End

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