Anna: TopShopMature

We perused the shelves in top shop, pulling out tops and jeans at random and pressing them to each others bodies and giggling as we realised how ridiculous we would look in some of the tops we had grabbed. It felt like old times, just me and her laughing away and joking, it was how it was before Sam.

“What do you think of this?” I said pulling out a pink playsuit from the rack and pressing it to my body and looking at Cara expression. She pulled a face at it and said laughing that it made me look like Peppa Pig. I laughed and put it back on the shelf.

I pulled out another top from the shelf and pressed it to my body, it was a white top with a picture of a heart on it with a zip running through the middle of the heart and the words ‘Heart Breaker’ written underneath.

“What do you think of this one?” I asked Cara with a smile, I thought it suited me.

“Bit literal isn’t it?” Cara muttered,


“Nothing, its nice!” she said with a fake smile which I didn’t buy for one second, instead I put the top back on the shelf and walked on.

“Wait, aren’t you going to buy it?” Cara asked,

“Not if you think I am buying it to spite you, it wasn’t referring to you but if you think that it is then I am not buying it. What do you think to this playsuit?”

Cara examined the blue floral playsuit I was holding then gave me the thumbs up, “I think that one will really suit you Anna, go try it on!”

“Yeah I will in a bit, we need to find you some things first and have a mini fashion show in the changing rooms!” I said giving her a wide smile which she returned.

Half an hour later the crooks of our arms were full with clothes which we were intent on trying on. I had £100 worth of vouchers to spend and I wasn’t going to waste them and because I was normally so tight with money normally I was good at spotting the bargains.

We headed into the changing rooms and pulled on tops and jeans then looked into the floor length mirror to examine ourselves. “Hmm, I’m unsure about this one Anna, it makes me look fat!” Cara called over the changing rooms.

“I’m sure it doesn’t, besides there is nothing on you to make you look fat in any clothes” I called back, come out and let me see?” I said.

“No I look ugly in it!” she said.

“If you don’t let me, I’ll come in anyway!” I threatened.

“You wouldn’t dare!”

“I’m always up for a dare, “I said coming out of my changing room and grabbing the curtain so that Cara could see my fingers.

Cara shrieked and batted my hand away giggling all the while, “Come out then!”

“Okay then, okay!” she said pulling back the curtain and revealing the top she was wearing.

The top she was wearing made her look amazing despite what she said, it was green and white striped bralet cross back denim top with brass buttons and pockets on the breasts.

“Wow you look beautiful, if you don’t buy that I will buy it for you, come on, I have chosen what I want lets go and get them and get some food, I am famished!”

The End

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